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1-Feb-2006Effect of annealing on low-threshold-current large-wavelength InGaAs quantum well vertical-cavity laserChen, IL; Hsu, WC; Kuo, HC; Sung, CP; Chiou, CH; Wang, JM; Chang, YH; Yu, HC; Lee, TD; 光電工程學系; Department of Photonics
1-Jan-2006Growth of highly strained RnGaAs quantum wells by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition with application to vertical-cavity surface-emitting laserChen, IL; Hsu, WC; Lee, TD; Kuo, HC; Su, KH; Chiou, CH; Wang, JM; Chang, YH; 光電工程學系; Department of Photonics
14-Jan-2015Significantly Improved Luminescence Properties of Nitrogen-Polar (000(1over bar>)over-bar) InGaN Multiple Quantum Wells Grown by Pulsed Metalorganic Chemical Vapor DepositionSong, Jie; Chang, Shih-Pang; Zhang, Cheng; Hsu, Ta-Cheng; Han, Jung; 光電工程學系; Department of Photonics
1-Jan-2006Theoretical and experimental analysis on InAlGaAs/AlGaAs active region of 850-nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasersChang, YA; Chen, JR; Kuo, HC; Kuo, YK; Wang, SC; 光電工程學系; Department of Photonics
1-May-2007Using planarized p-GaN layer to reduce electrostatic discharged damage in nitride-based light-emitting diodeLee, Chi-Ling; Lee, Wei-I; 電子物理學系; 友訊交大聯合研發中心; Department of Electrophysics; D Link NCTU Joint Res Ctr
1-Nov-2014Effect of Multiple AlN Layers on Quality of GaN Films Grown on Si SubstratesBinh Tinh Tran; Lin, Kung-Liang; Sahoo, Kartika Chandra; Chung, Chen-Chen; Chi-Lang Nguyen; Chang, Edward Yi; 材料科學與工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
1-Sep-2014Growth of GaN films on circle array patterned Si (111) substratesLin, Kung-Liang; Binh Tinh Tran; Chung, Chen-Chen; Chang, Edward-Yi; 材料科學與工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
30-Jan-2008Berkovich nanoindentation and deformation mechanisms in GaN thin filmsTsai, Chien-Huang; Jian, Sheng-Rui; Juang, Jenh-Yih; 電子物理學系; Department of Electrophysics
1-Aug-1996Enhanced metalorganic chemical vapor deposition titanium nitride film fabricated using tetrakis-dimethylamino-titanium for barrier metal application in sub-half-micron technologyWang, CK; Liu, LM; Liao, M; Cheng, HC; Lin, MS; 電子工程學系及電子研究所; Department of Electronics Engineering and Institute of Electronics
1-Oct-1996Effects of growth temperature on solid incorporation of AlAs1-xSbx using tertiarybutylarsine as arsenic source precursorChen, WK; Ou, JH; Hsu, CH; 交大名義發表; 電子物理學系; National Chiao Tung University; Department of Electrophysics