Title: TiSi奈米線電子-聲子-雜質干涉效應之研究
Metallic conduction and large electron-phonon-impurity interference effect in single TiSi nanowires
Authors: 徐唯哲
Hsu, Wei-Che
Lin, Juhn-Jong
Keywords: 矽化鈦;奈米線;TiSi;nanowire;electrical
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 我們介紹單晶TiSi奈米線電子特性,TiSi奈米線是由化學氣相沉積方法合成,我們用聚焦離子系統沉積白金,成功製作TiSi奈米線四點電極,測量奈米線電阻率,溫度從2 K到300 K,TiSi奈米線是金屬性及小的殘餘電阻率比,我們發現,由彈性電子散射和電子-聲子散射,所產生的干涉超過Boltzmann傳輸的影響,即是在室溫,顯著的電子-聲子-雜質干涉影響歸咎於TiSi奈米線有大量的缺陷和高的Debye溫度。
We report on the electrical characterizations of single-crystalline TiSi nanowires synthesized by chemical vapor deposition reactions. Applying the focused-ion-beam-induced deposition technique, we have successfully made four-probe contacts onto individual nanowires. The nanowires resistivities have been measured between 2 and 300 K, which reveal overall metallic conduction with small residual resistivity ratios in the nanowires. We find that the effect due to the interference processes between the elastic electron scattering and the electron-phonon scattering dominates over the usual Boltzmann transport even at room temperatures. Such prominent electron-phonon-impurity interference effect is ascribed to the large amounts of disorder and high Debye temperatures in TiSi nanowires.
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