Title: 以純刮刀塗佈技術製作高效率有機太陽能電池
High efficiency Organic solar cells by blade coating method
Authors: 王俊閔
Wang, Chun-Min
Meng, Hsin-Fei
Keywords: 有機太陽能電池;純刮刀塗佈技術;塊材異質接面太陽能電池;organic solar cells;blade coating method;bulk heterojunction solar cells
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 刮刀塗佈技術已經成功應用於有機太陽能電池常見的塊材異質接面材料P3HT與PCBM,其以刮刀塗佈技術的元件效率可達到等同於傳統旋塗慢乾製程。此製程以基板加熱搭配熱風的方式,在短時間內使刮刀塗佈的有機膜層快速乾燥,與傳統旋塗慢乾製程比較,此方式不僅可提升材料使用率,且可以降低製程時間。 因此將此製程方式延伸使用於較高效率的材料,並且使用較低毒性的甲苯做為溶劑,試圖發展出低毒性可量產的有機太陽能電池製程。
Blade coating method has been successfully applied to the bulk heterojunction organic solar cells,and the efficiency of the solar cell by blade coating method can be equivalent to the spin-coating slow drying process. We use the heater and hot air so that the solution to dry.The organic layer of the blade coating rapid drying in a short time. with the traditional spin - coating slow drying process comparison, this way not only can improve material utilization and can reduce the process time. Therefore this process by an extension of materials used in high efficiency and lower toxicity of toluene as a solvent, in an attempt to develop a low toxicity and can be mass-produced organic solar cell process.
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