Title: 超疏水反蛋白石結構應用於表面張力致浮力之研究
Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Inverse Opals for Surface Tension-Enhanced Buoyancy
Authors: 許議文
Hsu, I-Wen
Wu, Pu-Wei
Keywords: 超疏水;浮力;反結構;表面張力;superhydrophobic;buoyancy;inverse opal;surface tension
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在運用一便捷的方式對表面張力致浮力進行其效應之研究與探討。經由電泳沉積、電化學沉積及疏水處理,一超疏水的氧化鋅反結構被成功製備。其表面具有超疏水的性質,靜態接觸角達到 155±3°。理論的最大乘載重量被成功的預測,實驗浮力量測結果對於理論計算亦顯示出良好的一致性,且奈米結構的超疏水表面對其效果有明顯助益。此研究成果對於未來浮力相關研究深具啟發意義,並將有助於水上行走相關問題之解決。
This thesis is concerned with the investigation of surface tension enhanced buoyancy effect using a superhydrophobic ZnO inverse opalline structure. The sample is prepared via electrophoresis of polystyrene microspheres into a colloidal crystal, followed by electrodeposition of ZnO into the interstitial voids, removal of PS microspheres, and hydrophobic treatment to render a superhydrophobic surface whose static contact angle is measured at 155±3°. The maximum buoyant force is predicted theoretically using a mathematic model combining both surface tension effect and Archimedes principle. Results from buoyancy testing indicate nice agreements with theoretical predictions in which notable buoyancy improvement is observed in samples with nanostructured surfaces. Our results are of profound implications for future studies of buoyancy and may one day help resolve the problem of water-walking ability.
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