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dc.contributor.authorHsu, Chiafuen_US
dc.contributor.authorLin, Tingyuen_US
dc.description.abstract針對網際網路的下載流量,我們提出兩種路由機制:SNG (SyNerGized)和 RSNG (Reactive SyNerGized)。 透過異質性無線技術之間的合作,提供使用者更好的下載吞吐量。 在協力型 (合作式)的網路架構下,當每個使用者皆為自我考量且相互獨立,所有的無線網路節點也分別屬於各自不同的使用者的情況下,我們開發了一種Pricing-based incentive protocol。它用來鼓勵使用者們能夠互相合作,並且幫忙其他使用者傳送資料。 對於無線節點來說,幫忙其他節點傳送資料意味著消耗自己的資源,像是電量的損耗和無線通道頻寬資源。Incentive protocol基本上是設計用來提供誘因或者是獎賞,促進無線節點之間的合作,並且分享資源給其它的使用者。然而現有的Incentive protocols多使用於單通道無線系統,設計用來最小化整條路由上所有節點能量損耗的總和。而我們的設計則適用於多通道環境,並且致力於最大化使用者體驗的下載吞吐量。 我們提出Incentive approach,使得RSNG路由模型可以應用於實際的部署而不會產生太多的Communication overhead (只需要使用一個額外的Byte來攜帶Reward的資訊)。我們的主要目標是透過合作式的通訊架構和相對應的路由機制來改善使用者感受到的下載速率。模擬的結果顯示藉由統一的架構可以獲得的好處,並且證實所提出路由方法的效能。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractConsidering downloading traffic from the Internet, we have proposed two routing protocols, SNG (SyNerGized) and RSNG (Reactive SyNerGized), to realize better downloading experiences for users via cooperation between heterogeneous wireless technologies. Given that wireless nodes in the synergized framework (SF) belong to different, independent, self-concerned users, in this thesis, we also develop a pricing-based incentive protocol for encouraging host cooperation in relaying data for each other. For wireless nodes, relaying data for others means consuming their own resources, such as electric energy and wireless channel bandwidth. An incentive protocol is basically designed to provide inducements or rewards, so that wireless nodes are motivated to contribute their resources and willing to collaborate. While existing incentive protocols work on single-channel wireless systems and try to minimize the total energy consumption over a routing path, ours operates for multi-channel environments and aims to maximize the downloading throughput experienced by users. The proposed incentive approach enables practical deployment of the RSNG routing model without incurring much communication overhead (only one extra byte required to carry the reward information). Our main objective is to improve perceived user downloading rate via the cooperative (synergized) communication framework and its corresponding routing mechanisms. Simulation results demonstrate the benefits brought by the unified architecture and corroborate the efficacy of the proposed routing techniques.en_US
dc.subjectHeterogeneous Wireless Technologiesen_US
dc.titleRealizing a Synergized Framework for Heterogeneous Wireless Technologiesen_US
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