Title: 微波輻射計酬載系統之需求與可行性分析
Requirement and Feasibility Analysis of Microwave Radiometer System
Authors: 胡祥容
Keywords: 微波輻射計;Radiometer
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本論文將針對搭載於衛星上之星載微波輻射計系統,進行可行性與系統需求之分析報告,並討論各種衛星掃描方式、及各種現行微波輻射計系統架構之優劣,以做為台灣太空中心往後研究星載微波輻射計之任務的參考。 此外,本論文也針對部分星載微波輻射計系統所需之元件與系統架構,進行電磁模擬,以及實體電路的製作與量測,例如,功率偵測器之機殼、以及K-Band之波導管至微帶線的轉換器。
This thesis discuss the requirement and feasibility analysis of microwave radiometer system for assisting National Space Organization (NSPO) in finishing the microwave radiometer design. In addition, some components of microwave radiometer system would be designed, simulated and fabricated in this thesis, such as the detector block, and the K-band waveguide to microstrip line transition.
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