Title: 微波輻射儀系統設計與實作
Microwave Radiometer System Design and Implementation
Authors: 徐梓淳
Keywords: 微波輻射儀;23.8GHz;系統實作;Microwave Radiometer;K band;system implementation
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本論文主題是在如何實現迪克架構的微波輻射儀雜訊接收系統,使觀測的雜訊功率訊號能夠轉換為可判別的電壓訊號。 在論文中,前半部分針對微波輻射儀的架構作分析、以及對於系統各部份元件作介紹以及進行元件的量測;於論文後半部分,則是將整個系統組裝並作封蓋,針對組裝後產生的問題,例如震盪、損耗、隔熱等,進行分析並提供解決方法;最後並提出利用共平面波導(Coplanar Waveguide, CPW)將所有元件組裝在同一塊板子上,板材使用厚度為10毫英吋,介電係數為9.8之陶瓷基板(Al2O3),此電路配置方式能夠有效解決面積大小和得到較好的路徑增益平衡。
This thesis is about how to implement a microwave radiometer system which used the Dicke architecture. The purpose of radiometer system is to measure the brightness temperature of the object, like clouds, water vapor and typhoon etc. In the thesis, the first part introduce the structure of microwave radiometer , as well as some components used in the system. The half part is about how to assemble the entire system with microstrip line and analysis the problems, such as amplifier oscillation, path loss and thermal insulation and give solutions. In the last, provide a new circuit configuration using coplanar waveguide (CPW) structure to layout whole system which can effectively decrease the system size and have a better balanced path gain.
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