Title: Stripe-geometry GaAs-InGaAs laser diode with back-side contact on silicon by epitaxial lift-off
Authors: Fan, JC
Chen, KY
Lin, G
Lee, CP
Department of Electronics Engineering and Institute of Electronics
Keywords: semiconductor junction lasers;epitaxial lift-off
Issue Date: 5-Jun-1997
Abstract: The transfer of a preprocessed stripe-geometry GaAs-InGaAs laser diode film onto a Pd/Ge/Pd coated n(+)-Si substrate is reported with the backside contact on Si using epitaxial lifted-off (ELO) technology. The Pd/Ge/Pd metal layers provide ohmic contacts to both the Si substrate and the GaAs film, making vertical conduction through the Si substrate possible. No device degradation was observed after the ELO process and comparable results were obtained for the ELO laser diodes and the diodes without the ELO process.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/491
ISSN: 0013-5194
Volume: 33
Issue: 12
Begin Page: 1095
End Page: 1096
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