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dc.contributor.authorYin-Xiang Jianen_US
dc.contributor.authorChang-You Linen_US
dc.description.abstract進入二十一世紀後,科技與資訊蓬勃發展,其技術的進步一日千里,電腦已經變成現代人不可或缺的重要工具,加上網際網路的普遍及盛行,使得各產業的資訊藉由電腦及網路傳遞,既方便又快速。近年來政府大力推動企業電子化,以應付加入WTO後所面對的國際競爭壓力。國內營建業也同樣面臨轉型的需要,如何利用科技資訊的技術,配合電腦和網際網路,達到營建電子化的目標,實為一重要工作。 營建電子化可以節省成本、降低資料處理時間和便利資料的流通及傳遞,有效的透過資料的電子化和標準化來整合各個工程單位之間的溝通,以期能減少成本、縮短工期、提高工程的品質。 本論文將利用Java程式語言跨平台的優勢,傳送XML格式的營建招標投標各項相關資料。XML具有開放式標準、可延伸性及可擴充性,藉由XML資料格式的特點,來達成資料互通、共享的目標,便利日後將接收到的XML資料重複再利用,提升資料處理的效率。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractAfter entering twenty-first century, the technologies of science and information grow very fast. The computer has already become an indispensable tool for people. In addition, the internet is getting more general and prosperous, and it is convenient and fast to transmit the information of different industries by using the computer and network. After entering the WTO, the government promotes electronic-business with great exertion in recent years in order to challenge the international competition. The internal construction industries also need to face the transition. It is an important work to achieve the goal of electronic-business of construction industry by using the technology information system through the internet. Electronic-business of construction industry can save the cost, reduce the time of handling data and facilitate the circulation and transmission of data. Expecting to reduce the cost, shorten the time limit for an engineering work and improve the quality. Construction industries should combine the communication between different engineering units by electric-business and data standardization. This thesis use the advantage of Java language, which is platform-independent, to transmit the XML messages about bidding of construction industry. The message of XML format transfer in the network is base on a message-oriented middleware (MOM). Clients can make full use of data in their systems and decrease the manpower of data input after receiving messages. Message service really can achieve information automation and enhance efficiency of the business transaction. Moreover, it comes true the goal of data share in the construction industry. The XML has some advantages like open-standard and data-extended. By those advantages, it can easily reach the goal of data-shared. The XML messages that received can repeat to be used and promote the efficiency of data handling.en_US
dc.subjectJava Message Serviceen_US
dc.titleUsing Java Message Service to Establish Bidding System of Construction Industryen_US
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