標題: 運用情境分析法探討SMART TV的發展-以Google TV為例
Scenario Analysis in Development of SMART TV:A Case study of Google TV
作者: 林駿良
Lin, Chung-Liang
Yuan, Ben-jamin J.C
關鍵字: 網路電視;連網電視;智慧電視;Apple TV;Google TV;IPTV;Connected TV;SMART TV;Apple TV;Google TV
公開日期: 2010
摘要: 隨著近年來的數位家庭概念的延伸及網際網路的快速發展,在多年前就陸續有廠商推廣具備上網功能的連網電視(或稱為Internet TV or Connected TV),只不過當時的電視上網技術規格太複雜,且缺乏軟體與應用程式的輔助,消費者短時間內也難以改變使用習慣,加上當時可連網的電視價格偏高,種種原因使得電視上網的普及率,一直很難以提升。但是隨著SAMSUNG、SONY、LG、 Apple TV、Google TV、…等大廠相繼於2010年起陸續推出新一代的連網電視,透過軟硬體的整合,把電腦在網際網路上習慣使用的各種人性化服務套用在電視上,讓電視不再只是電視,徹底顛覆了傳統電視的生命,過去單純用來收看電視節目的電視,現在不僅僅只在外型設計上更加前衛,在功能上更加入了具有連網瀏覽功能及作業系統(OS),種種創舉,讓發展多年的連網電視,終於突破瓶頸進入另一個里程碑,這些具智慧型連網功能的電視,我們稱之為SMART TV(智慧電視)。由於多家國際大廠全面投入SMART TV進攻家庭客廳市場的舉動,讓SMART TV發展前景看漲,有許多人甚至認為SMART TV可能成為繼iPhone、iPad之後,未來最夯的電子產品與應用之一,將2010年稱為SMART TV元年也不為過。 SMART TV基本上是從IPTV的架構演進而來,跟IPTV的架構最大的差別,在於SMART TV 都有內建自身的作業系統(OS),消費者亦可彈性選擇要內建STB,或是採用傳統的外掛式STB設備,然後透過Smart TV各廠商所提供的人性化服務介面,就可直接連上網路,享受各電信營運商及service provider所提供的各種服務。根據研究機構Display Search數據顯示,2010年全球TV總出貨2.1億台,其中約有4200萬台(佔21%)具備連網功能,到2014年可望攀升至總出貨量的50%,高達1.18億台。其中以Apple TV、Google TV所提出的產品服務,完全顛覆了電視機既有的刻板印象,帶給消費者全新的視聽享受與人性化的網路體驗,令消費大眾特別矚目。SMART TV 所會為全球廣大的消費大眾,帶來多深遠的數位生活影響? SMART TV 會影響到那些相關產業的生機?這些都是值得我們深入探討的話題,本研究嘗試以屢創創新服務,來攏獲全球消費者首選的Google 公司所推出的Google TV為基本研究範疇,運用情境分析法,探討 SMART TV的產品發展策略,並藉由相關產業研究文獻,來一窺SMART TV在往後10年內可能的發展與走向與影響層面,提供相關視聽產業、網路設備商、內容供應商,事先做好規劃,掌握此號稱是電視第三次革命的SMART TV商機。
Recent years, with the extension of digital family conception and rapid development of internet, some TV brands have been gradually promoting the so called internet TV or connected TV equipped with function of internet access many years ago; however, the specification of internet access of TV during that period of time was too complicated and lack of the assistance of software and application program; therefore, it was difficult for consumers to change their using habit in the short time as well as the cost of internet TV was too expensive; hence, it was hard to enhance the popularity of internet TV. But with the major brands, such as SAMSUNG、SONY、LG、 Apple TV、Google TV launch new internet TV,through integration of software and hardware to apply humanized service that the general public are used to use on the internet to internet TV; eventually, TV is not just a TV anymore, it completely subverts the life of traditional TV.In the past, TV is only to be used for watching TV programs; however, now days, it is not only stylish but also equipped with internet access and OS. These originalities allow developing internet TV to finally breakthrough bottle neck to step into another milestone and these internet TV equipped with smart internet access, we call smart TV. By reason of many international brands invest in Smart TV of the family living room market, the developing prospective of Smart TV is expected to rise; moreover, many people even think after the lunch of iPhone and iPad, SMART TV could be one of popular electronic product and application; furthermover,it is possible to define 2010 as the first year of Smart TV 。 Basically, Smart TV was developed from the framework of IPTV and the difference with it is the SMART TV is equipped with OS and consumers can also choose to install STB or traditional plug type of STB then they can get online through humanized service provided by various SMART TV brands to enjoy various service offered by various telecom companies and service providers. The data of Display Search organization shown that in 2010, the total global dispatched quantity of TV were two hundred and one million and there were forty two million (account for 21%) are equipped with internet access and it is expected that the total dispatched quantity could reach to 50% of it in 2014, the quantity would be up to one hundred and eighteen million. Among them, the product service provided by Apple TV and Google TV would completely overthrow the existed image of TV and bring whole new audio-visual and humanized experience for consumers; hence the general public are expecting about this. How much and deep digital influence that Smart TV would bring to global consumers and which would affect which related industries? These are what we need to have further discussions and the research is trying to take the Google TV which is lunched by Google company and it also constantly provides innovative service as the basic example for research by applying the method of scenario analysis to discuss the product developing strategy of SMART TV and from related industries research documents to know the possible development and levels of influence of SMART TV in the next decade then to provide reference for related audio industries, internet equipment manufacturers, content providers so that they can have good pre-schedules and to commend the so called the business opportunities of the third revolution。
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