Title: TFT LCD 產業的資訊部門之競爭策略之研究- 以A公司為例
A Study on Competitive Strategies for IT division for TFT-LCD Industry─ A case study of Company A
Authors: 孔俊棠
Keywords: TFT LCD;資訊部門;競爭策略;TFT LCD industry;Competitive Strategies;IT Dvision
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 隨著TFT LCD 面臨產業快速變化,產業競爭激烈,業者低價搶奪市場及中國大陸廠商的崛起,TFT-LCD面板製造業面臨無利可圖的困境,再加上不規則的產業景氣循環,產能擴建過快,供需失調,市場價格劇烈變化,各國政府法規(反托拉斯)的影響,營運模式須朝著更全球化,更多元化的方向轉變。TFT LCD 面板製造業公司內部的資訊部門必須從支援單位,變成策略單位,角色從過去被動、保守,逐漸轉變成主動、積極、具備策略思考。對大環境的變化,「多元化,多變化,複雜化及不確定性」都提高時,提供公司利用資訊科技產生新的營運模式及新的競爭策略。 尤其隨著網路的崛起,企業開始尋找更具策略性的方法來使用科技,探索新市場,吸引新客戶,讓流程更加順暢。過去資訊部門不擅長企業策略規劃,無法全面思考,不能因應新的商機及挑戰,無法同時具備公司業務相關及IT技術能力。但近年資訊部門的重點已轉變成運用新科技在企業策略上,重視領導效能及全球化的影響,由各相關文獻及訪談得知,TFT LCD 產業的資訊部門,更被要求了解企業營運的複雜性,懂得新科技與公司風險管理,財務的相互作用。 本論文提出的結論與建議,提供TFT LCD 產業的資訊部門在提升競爭力,整合全球化系統,利用收集到的大量資訊分析的能力,在銷售與行銷,供應鏈及物流等方面,讓資訊部門成為公司的競爭利器的一些參考。同時也提供未來進一步研究的方向,以供其他公司資訊部門的改善建議。
With the TFT LCD industry is facing rapid change, intense competition of the industry markets and low prices to snatch the rise of mainland China makers, TFT-LCD panel manufacturing industry is facing unprofitable difficulties, coupled with irregular cyclical industry, capacity excessive expansion of supply and demand imbalance, dramatic changes in market prices, national government regulations (antitrust), will be toward more global business model, changing the direction of a more diversified. TFT LCD panel manufacturing companies within the IT department must support units into strategic units, the passive role from the past, conservative, and gradually transformed into an active, positive, with strategic thinking. Changes in the wider environment, "a diversified, multi change, complexity and uncertainty" are enhanced, providing companies use information technology to generate new business model and the new competitive strategy. Especially with the rise of the Internet, businesses are looking for more strategic ways to use technology to explore new markets, attract new customers, so the process more smoothly. Enterprise IT departments are not good at the last strategic planning, not fully thinking, not in response to new opportunities and challenges, can not simultaneously have the company's business and IT-related technical capabilities. But in recent years has been the focus of IT departments into the use of new technology in business strategy, emphasis on leadership effectiveness and the impact of globalization, by the relevant literature and interviews that, TFT LCD industry, IT departments, but are required to understand the complexity of business operations nature of new technology and the company knows the risk management, financial interactions. This paper presents conclusions and suggestions for TFT LCD industry, IT sector to improve competitiveness, global system integration, use of collected a lot of information and analysis capacity in the sales and marketing, supply chain and logistics, etc., so that IT department the company's competitive weapon of some reference. It also provides future directions for further research for other companies IT department's recommendations.
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