Title: 半徑為3以下的中點圖
Median graphs of radius at most three
Authors: 洪湧昇
Hung, Yung-Sheng
Weng, Chih-Wen
Keywords: 中點圖;Median graph
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 中點圖已經被研究數十年,許多中點圖的理論及性質已經被發表,而其大部分的理論都和其具”凸”性質的某些子圖有關。我們試著用不同的角度去研究半徑不超過3 的圖,過程中不用到”凸”性質並且試著找出這些圖是中點圖的充分且必要條件。
Median graphs have been studied for decades. Many important theorems and properties of median graphs have been found out and almost all of those theorems are relative to convex. We try to study median graphs in a different way. We consider median graphs with radius at most 3 and try to find out their necessary and sufficient conditions without using convex property.
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