Title: 多軸機械手臂操控於順應性工作之應用
Manipulating a Multi-DOF Robot Manipulator for Compliance Tasks
Authors: 曾柏穎
Tseng, Po-Ying
Young, Kuu-Young
Keywords: 即時操控;力輔助;力回饋搖桿;順應性工作;real-time;haptic assistance;haptic joystick;compliance task
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 由於機器人領域的蓬勃發展,已有越來越多的機器人是在未知或不確定的環境中執行任務,造成事先規畫的困難,因此由人類即時操控此類機器人是個不錯的選擇,但操作者往往無法有效操控機器人,故需要透過機器人上裝置的各式感測器來了解機器人與環境互動的狀況。本論文的目的為利用本實驗室開發的六軸力回饋搖桿對應六軸機器手臂之操控系統,搭配我們提出的數種可供選擇之力輔助,可因應各種操作上的需求,其中最重要的一環是利用機器人上裝置的力感測器,擷取機器人與環境受力的狀況後,將環境資訊回授到運算系統進行運算,給予操作者適當的力輔助。實驗結果顯示透過本實驗室開發的操控系統,搭配本論文提出的各種力輔助,能有效執行具順應性性質的任務,提高操作的效率與穩定性。
Due to the rapid development in robot technology, there are more and more robots carrying out tasks in uncertain and unknown environment. It poses difficulties to plan in advance. Therefore, it stands as a good choice that these robots are manipulated by human beings in real time. The operators usually cannot sense what happens to the robot when manipulating. Therefore, they need to know the interaction between the robot and the environment via the sensors mounted on the robot. The aim of this thesis is to deal with the requirements of the compliance tasks by utilizing the six-DoF force-relation joystick to manipulate six-DoF robot manipulator, along with the proposed force-assistive strategies. One focus is to employ the information from the force sensor mounted on the robot to derive proper assistive force for the operator during manipulation. The experimental results show that this developed manipulation system can help the operator in execution effectively, so that the collision is well tackled and smooth manipulation is achieved.
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