Title: 應用於封閉區域內之行人安全監控系統及其在手持式裝置上之實現
A Handheld Surveillance System for Pedestrian Security in an Enclosed Area
Authors: 王昱壬
Wang, Yu-Ren
Wu, Bing-Fei
Keywords: Ramer-Douglas-Peucker演算法;安全照護系統;手持式裝置;Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorithm;Surveillance System;Handheld Device
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 近來,報章媒體上常披露於大型活動時,幼童或長者往往最容易發生走失事件,探究原因往往是大型封閉區域無法提供完整且詳細的地區資訊給使用者查詢使用,造成資訊上之落差,而導致意外的發生。更鑑於此,本研究發展出一套應用於封閉區域內導航與安全服務,系統整合了GPS、羅盤與CMOS攝影機,並利用具更Google Maps及地區資訊的雲端伺服器建構出具更安全、導航及資訊交流之安全監控系統,避免意外一再地發生。 系統主要提供使用者在區域內不僅能迅速找到目的地,也讓進入區域內的家庭擁更一系列的安全保障。藉由自動通報的系統設計,讓家庭中的照護者與地區管理員能妥善地照料需要被照護的家庭成員。當被照護者進入不安全區域時,系統利用交點判別法判斷是否進入危險區域之中,並發出警示訊息提醒照護者。此外,當走失事件發生時,系統自動解析使用者所經過之路徑點,並將路徑點透過Ramer–Douglas–Peucker演算法簡化,篩選出所更轉折點作為路徑的代表點,更效地節省儲存資料的大小,並可以參考路徑快速地找到被照護者目前之位置。除此之外,系統也支援了即時影像顯示、Google Maps及Augmented Reality (AR)導航,讓使用者能更安全地在封閉區域內移動。
Recently, the newspapers often report that many children are missing when activities are held. The reason why children are missing is caused by getting insufficient location information in an enclosed area. Therefore, this thesis provides a new surveillance system architecture, integrating interaction and the combination of a GPS receiver, electronic compass, accelerometer, CMOS camera and cloud server for downloading location information. The main objective of the proposed system is to provide a surveillance system for pedestrian security in an enclosed area. By using the navigation service, the system provides road guidance on a electronic map for users. The proposed system also provides a safety environment for family by auto reporting function. It conducts polygon region detection as electronic fence to trigger an alarm situation while children cross the region. Furthermore, the system not only implements the Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorithm to provide parents location histories of children, but also offers a surveillance system with the assistance of remote image histories. Finally, users can more safely move in an enclosed area by using Augmented Reality navigation, Google Map service, and real-time streaming images display.
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