Title: 具可撓式薄膜電感隱形眼鏡之設計、分析與製作
Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Contact Lenses with Flexible Thin-film Inductors
Authors: 張淙豪
Chang, Chung-Hao
Chiou, Jin-Chern
Keywords: 電感;微機電;隱形眼鏡;Inductors;MEMS;Contact lenses
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本論文研究為提出一個以微機電製造術發展具可撓式薄膜電感之隱形眼鏡。利用透明的聚一氯對二甲苯(parylene C)作為基材與絕緣層,金作為電感結構,以上下兩層parylene C中間一層金的三明治結構實現可撓式薄膜電感。接著利用C字型元件環繞成錐狀結構與球面的隱形鏡結合,結合後表面平順並無皺摺產生。製程皆使用生物相容性良好的材料,且包含元件的隱形眼鏡已通過毒性測試,未來也將進行對眼睛刺激的配戴測試。 在電感電性量測上,由於元件尺寸較大,互感相對較低,單圈電感環的半徑與電感值為正比關係,而線寬較寬者感值較低,自共振頻率則由電感值與寄生電容決定。Q值大小隨線寬與厚度增加而增大,唯在高頻部分受到集膚效應的影響將會使導體有效厚度降低,而Q值的最大值出現頻率會隨自共振頻率增減。量測結果與理論及模擬相符合,本研究的成果可有助於應用在特定感值與操作頻率的電感尺寸設計。
The purpose of this thesis is to provide the implementation and characterization of MEMS-based contact lenses with flexible thin-film inductors. The transparent layers of parylene C were used as substrate and electrical insulation. The inductors were fabricated using the gold layer. Flexible thin-film inductors were successfully achieved by the sandwich-type structure consisting of one gold layer between two parylene layers. Then the C-shaped elements were shaped in the form of cone and were combined with spherical contact lenses. The contact lenses were smooth and without wrinkle. All the materials of the elements and the contact lenses were biocompatible. The contact lenses with the elements had passed toxicity testing. We will have ocular irritation test in the future. About the electrical measurements of inductors, the inductance of loop inductors was in direct proportion to the length of the inductors because the large size result the low mutual inductance. The larger trace width will decrease the inductance. And the self-resonant frequency is related to inductance and parasitic capacitance. Quality Factor (Q-factor) increases with the larger trace width and axial thickness except that the skin effect causes the efficient depth to decrease at high frequency. The frequency of maximum Q-factor increases with the increasing of self-resonant frequency. The measured results are consistent with theory and simulation. This study is helpful to design the inductors for specific inductor values and working frequency.
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