Title: 人臉面相偵測與其資料庫之建立
A Development of Physiognomy Database and Detection Schemes
Authors: 張家鳴
Chang, Chia-Ming
Liaw, Der-Cherng
Keywords: 面相學;面相偵測;人臉辨識;Physiognomy;Physiognomy Detection System
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本論文主要在於研究面相學中的分類,並提出一套面相學偵測系統,借由電腦的影像處理技術,自動偵測面相,讓使用者能夠方便及快速的得到相關的命理資訊,明白自己的性格以及能力,供使用者做為日後個人發展的參考。
This thesis major in studying the classification of Physiognomy and development a Physiognomy detection system, take advantage of by image process technique in computer, automatically detect human face and classify face photos by physiognomy database, then user can easily get Fortune-telling information, understanding the characteristic and ability of myself to provide some reference for future life and development.
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