Title: 超級電容之特性分析及應用
Characteristic Analysis of Supercapacitor with Application
Authors: 黃仲頡
Huang, chung-chieh
Liaw, Der-Cherng
Keywords: 超級電容;等效模型;參數萃取方法;Supercapacitor;Equivalent Model;Parameter Extraction Method
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 超級電容為一種高功率密度、高循環壽命的新型儲能元件,即使 其儲存的能量不如一般電池,超級電容卻適合應用於各種電力電子用 途當中。本論文對於超級電容實際充放電曲線進行分析,並且提出五 階RC 模型來解釋並且模擬不同情況下的充放電曲線,此模型不同於 一般的等效電路模型,在充放電初期能夠有相當高的準確度。模型的 模擬曲線會與實際量測曲線進行比較,藉此驗證模型以及參數萃取方 法的正確性。
Supercapacitors are new electrical energy storage devices that offer high power density and a high number of charge and discharge cycles. Even though the amount of stored energy they maintain is not comparable that of classical batteries, supercapacitors can offer advantages in power electronic applications. This thesis propose a five-branch model, to characterize the charge/discharge behavior of supercapacitor.Unlike other equivalent circuit model, this model has high accuracy even at the beginning of charge/discharge. The performed simulation is compared with experimental results in order to verify the proposed model and the parameter extraction method.
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