Title: 用於抑制毫微蜂巢式基地台交互干擾之群組合作式資源分配演算法
Cooperative Group-Based Resource Allocation for Inter-Femtocell Interference Avoidance
Authors: 周緯
Chou, Wei
Huang, Ching-Yao
Keywords: femtocell;interference;毫微蜂巢式基地台;干擾
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 為解決毫微蜂巢式基地台潛在之交互干擾問題,此論文提出一以群組合作為基礎的資源分配演算法,以改善未來室內的無線通訊品質;該演算法可在不具中央控制系統的環境下有效地分配資源。在該演算法中,合作式群組扮演了一個不可或缺的角色;群組的大小是由一臨界門檻所決定,一旦臨界值有所更改,群組間的合作範圍與交互作用亦立即改變。經數值運算驗證,該演算法能巨幅降低使用者中斷之可能機率並有效維持整體系統之傳輸流量。此外,該演算法的簡易操作特性令其不論在學術研究領域或是真實通訊系統上都有著兼具效能與效率的表現。
In this paper, we propose a femtocell resource allocation algorithm as a means of an inter-femtocell interference avoidance technique to improve the indoor wireless signal coverage. The proposed algorithm can properly allocate channels to each femtocell without centralized control mechanism. Cooperative-groups play critical roles in resource allocation, where the group size is determined by Threshold setting. By choosing appropriate Threshold value, we can easily control the scope of ability of each cell to cooperate with other cells, and achieve target performance. The simulation has been done and shown satisfactory results in terms of outage rate and user capacity. The capability and simplicity make the algorithm effective and efficient in academic research and practical engineering points of view.
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