Title: 可自調頻率之 V-Band注入鎖定三倍頻器模組
A V-Band Injection-Locked Frequency Tripler Module with Adaptive Free-Running Frequency Tuning
Authors: 林翰柏
Keywords: 注入鎖定三倍頻器;頻率對電壓轉換器;Injection-locked tripler;frequency to voltage converter
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本篇論文提出一個可自調頻率模組來提升V-Band注入鎖定三倍頻器。利用偵測輸入頻率,可自動調整三倍頻器到所對應的輸出頻率。輸入訊號可分成兩條路徑,主要路徑是注入鎖定三倍頻器,另一條路徑則是偵測輸入訊號頻率,產生相對應輸出電壓來控制注入鎖定三倍頻器之控制電壓,來產生自動調整之效果。偵測輸入訊號頻率路徑是利用頻率偵測器來達成,可偵測輸入信號大小為-2dBm以上之信號。整個模組系統利用晶片跟外接元件來完成。量測結果顯示此三倍頻器頻率操作範圍為2.7GHz。
A V-band injection-locked frequency tripler (ILFT) module features adaptive free-running frequency tuning for locking range enhancement. The tripler free-running frequency is adaptively tuned to the third-order harmonic frequency of the input automatically. The input signal passes through the major path to lock a V-band ILFT output, and the auxiliary path to generate an adaptive control voltage for the tripler. The control voltage is obtained by frequency detection of the input signal with at least -2 dBm. The realized system is a hybrid of customized integrated circuits and off-the-shelf commercial components. The measured results show that the tripler is applicable to V-band operation of 2.7 GHz.
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