Title: 毫米波CMOS混頻器、三倍頻器和功率放大器設計
Millimeter-Wave CMOS Mixer, Tripler and Power Amplifier Design
Authors: 吳坤龍
Keywords: 毫米波;混頻器;三倍頻器;功率放大器;互補式金氧半;Millimeter-wave;Mixer;Tripler;Power amplifier;CMOS
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 此論文將提出三個在CMOS製程下設計的電路,包括 8.7~17.4兆赫的寬頻混頻器、77~94兆赫的主動式三倍頻器以及77~94兆赫的功率放大器。 寬頻混頻器是與RF放大級、IF放大級、LO倍頻器以及一個偏壓電路做整合。它是一個雙平衡式的混頻器並且在IF端具有~DC至8兆赫的頻寬。三倍頻器是一個平衡式且由主動電晶體組成的乘法器。它能夠應用在77兆赫的汽車防撞雷達與94兆赫的影像感測系統中。功率放大器具有三級放大級且為一分二分四的架構,而在輸出端會有一個四路合一的同相位功率合成器。所有的設計流程與電路的特性都會在接下來的論文中被清楚的說明與討論。
The thesis will propose three circuits which are all designed in CMOS technology. Including a 8.7 to 17.4 GHz wideband mixer, a 77 to 94 GHz active tripler and a 77 to 94 GHz power amplifier. The wideband mixer is integrated with RF amplifier, IF amplifier, LO doubler and bandgap. It is a passive double-balanced mixer and feature a ~DC to 8GHz IF bandwidth. The tripler is a balanced and transistor-base multiplier. It features both 77GHz radar and 94GHz image sensor system applications. The power amplifier has three stages with 1:2:4 configuration and a four-way in-phased combiner at the output stage. The design approach and the behavior of these circuits will be well discussed and clearly illustrated.
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