Title: 保養品產業行銷計畫─以O產品為例
Marketing Plan for a Skincare Product - Take O Product as an Example
Authors: 張廣祥
Keywords: 保養品;SKINCARE
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 保養品是種帶給女性,甚至是男性,美麗希望與愉悅感受的產業,近三十年以來,保養品為全球經濟主體厚生豐碩的果實,更帶動新消費文化的形成,賦予現在和未來市場生命旺盛的活力,蘊藏無限的商機。 在為數眾多保養品供應商中,I公司以新成員的身分進入該產業。I公司致力於保養品市場已經將近一年的時間,O產品為旗下第一個化妝品產品。本產品結合了高含氧技術並且使用全天然原物料進行製造。本產品在市場販售已經六個月的時間,但是至今銷售業績仍未達公司預期目標。由於上述之原因,本行銷計畫的目的為診斷本產品行銷之方式問題所在並提出有效行銷方式。 根據對於該公司的了解並且在與執行長訪談之後,公司在行銷預算方面有所限制,以執行面來看必須要使用事半功倍的行銷手法來達到開源節流為公司創造最大利益的目標。本行銷計畫以網路為主要行銷通路,在台灣點閱數最高的YAHOO!及PCHOME設網路商店販賣本產品,透過社群網站和手機簡訊發送廣告及折扣促銷方式增加本產品之銷售業績;同時也將進行官方網站的重新設計,增加客戶服務、美容知識和客戶使用反映的功能。透過本行銷計畫,I公司可以提高官方網站的點加官方網站知名度和產品曝光度,進而增加本產品的銷售數量。並且,本行銷計畫以網路商店點閱數、銷售額和投資報酬率為績效評估方式。
Skincare is an industry that brings women and men feelings of beauty, hope and pleasure. In recent three decades, the skincare industry not only generates enormous global economy increase but also drives the formation of the new consumer culture. Giving exuberant life of present and future vitality of the market, skincare still keep creating business opportunities. I Company enters this promising industry as a new comer. I Company has entered skincare industry for one year or so. O Product is the first skincare product of the company. O Product is developed via advanced oxygen technology, and it is made from natural material without any preservative and artificial ingredient. O Product has been released in the market for six months, but the sales volume is still far from CEO’s expectation. Because of the above-mentioned reasons, the goal of the marketing plan is to find the factor causing low sales volume and provide effective solution. Accroding to the understanding of I Company and the meeting with CEO, the CEO has limitation about marketing cost. Because of the reason, the Internet is chosen as main channel of O Product, the product is sold on the online shops of Yahoo!! and PChome, which are the top two websites in Taiwan. Also, the ads and promotion such as discount and coupon are expreded via social network and text message to the potencial customers. Furthermore, the functions such as customer service, skincare knowledge and customer response will be enhanced. Through the marketing plan, customer relationship management will be improved; the sale volume and click-through rate increase. On the other hand, accumulating click, annual sales volume and ROI are the criteria of evaluating the markeing plan.
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