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dc.contributor.authorCheng, Su-Chunen_US
dc.contributor.authorYang, Chyanen_US
dc.contributor.authorLin, Chiun-Sinen_US
dc.description.abstract自改革開放以來的30年中,中國旅遊飯店業有了快速發展。加入WTO後,中國經濟己融入世界經濟體系,旅遊業已發展成為中國國民經濟的重要產業,中國旅遊業的龐大潛力和發展前景,吸引許多世界著名的跨國飯店集團紛紛進入市場,作為旅遊業中三大支柱之一的酒店業面臨著巨大的競爭壓力和挑戰。所以正確的了解中國旅遊飯店業的競爭力現狀以及採取有效措施,促進提升其競爭力是具有重大的意義。目前中國的酒店正面臨著許多挑戰和困難,例如重複建設、供大於求,過重的稅負稅費、利潤率下降、居高不下的員工流動率、直接成本的不斷上升等問題,如要保障酒店的長久競爭優勢,唯有找出並發展專屬於酒店的核心競爭力才是重要的利基點。 企業核心能力的培養與累積,是現今企業經營發展與競爭的重點。本研究以中國與浙江省的星級酒店為研究對象,從資源基礎論與競爭優勢的觀點分析,探討其核心資源與能力累積過程,並藉由Michael Porter 的「五力分析」及「SWOT」等產業分析理論,來研究分析個案如何建立核心能力,並進一步歸納出酒店業經營的競爭優勢與未來發展策略,提供酒店業投資者和現有星級酒店業轉型的參考指標,並達到企業的永續發展。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractIn the past 30 years after reformation and opening up, tourism and the hospitality industry in China has been developing rapidly. Ever since China entered WTO, the Chinese economy has integrated into the global economic system, whilst tourism has become an important industry in the Chinese national economy. The immense potential and future development in Chinese tourism has drawn many internationally renowned hotel corporations to enter the market, which made the hospitality business, one of the three pillars of tourism, face vast competitive pressure and challenge. Therefore, it is truly meaningful to know correctly the current situation of the competitiveness of the Chinese hotel and hospitality industry and apply effective measures to raise its competiveness. At present, hotels in China are facing numerous challenges and difficulties, such as repeated construction, oversupply, the decline in profit margins, high staff turnover and the continuous increase of indirect cost. In order to maintain its long-term advantages in competitiveness, it is essentially crucial to discover and develop the core competitiveness unique to the hotels. The training and accumulation of core business abilities is the focal point of current development in business management and competitiveness. This research will study the star-rated hotels in China and Zhejiang Province. Based on the theory of resources and analyses on competitiveness, it will investigate the accumulation process of the core resources and abilities, and applying Michael Porter’s five forces analysis and “SWOT” theory, research and analyze how individual cases build the core abilities. Furthermore, it will induce the competitive advantages and future policies of development of the hospitality industry in order to offer referential indices for investors of the hospitality industry as well as current star-rated hotels to transform themselves and accomplish long-lasting sustainability.en_US
dc.subjectStar-rated Hotelen_US
dc.subjectCore Competenceen_US
dc.subjectSWOT Analysisen_US
dc.subjectFive Force Analysisen_US
dc.subjectCompetitive Advantageen_US
dc.titleThe Core Competence and Competitive Strategy of Chinese Start-rated Hotel — a Case Study of Zhejiang Province Hotelen_US
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