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dc.contributor.authorChao, Wei-Chungen_US
dc.contributor.authorChu, Po-Youngen_US
dc.description.abstract在科技發展歷史上出現許多既有領導企業被新興企業利用破壞性創新取代的案例。對既有企業而言,藉由評估破壞性創新,可以對即將面對的衝擊早一步採取因應措施,使競爭優勢得以維持;對新興企業而言,評估破壞性創新即是找出成長的利基,並可依此進入主流市場甚至擊倒既有領導企業。本研究發現,聯發科在手機晶片產品上不是先行者而是後進者,在「技術採用生命週期」已經跨越「鴻溝」後,在市場即將掀起「龍捲風暴」的時間點附近,聯發科才正式切入市場。另外,聯發科以「持續性創新」來建立核心技術能力,以「破壞性創新」作為公司產品發展策略。 身為後進者的聯發科在切入市場後,能夠進而成為市場領導者,透過重組價值鏈的掌控與擴展,改寫 IC設計公司與系統廠之間原有的遊戲規則,提升系統廠自身的競爭力,為客戶縮短產品上市時間。 而聯發科的創新成功,歸功於聯發科本身札實的研發能力,要先建立研發人員在產品不同的階段,做不同任務的認知與能力,亦積極透過策略併購方式、技術授權方式、及技術合作方式來建立更完整的核心能力;另外,透析產業的發展商機,調整公司產品發展策略,創新價值鏈的多贏。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractChristensen proposed the concept of "disruptive innovation" to explain why the established firm failed when facing new market of new technology. However, Christensen just proposed the idea of "disruptive innovation", but he didn't clearly define what "disruptive innovation" is. Mediatek is the largest fabless IC design house in Taiwan. In 2009, is the 4th largest fabless design house in the world with year revenue was achieved to USD 3.5 Billion. The optical storage chipset shipment ranked no. 1. Product lines of Blu-ray DVD chipset, mobile phone chipset and digital TV chipset were time-to-market and achieved leading positions in a short time effectively. The theme of this thesis is to decrypt the hidden formula of Mediatek’s growth strategy. From our study, Mediatek is not the first-mover at all. Instead, it is a follower. During technology adoption life cycle, Mediatek always entered markets after the stage of ‘crossing the chasm’ and before the stage of ‘tornado’. So Mediatek’s key strategy was kept in ‘sustaining innovation’ and ‘disruptive innovation’. Mediatek continued restructuring and developing value chains, changing the original rule of the game between IC design houses and the whole ecosystem by enhancing the competitiveness of system maker itself, and shortening the product developing time for customers. The success of innovation was based to their core technology competence, and clear market segmentation. The core competence was gained and developed from their own R&D capability, complementary acquisitions, collaborative development and warrant technology utilization. Mediatek applied this success model in each product roadmap and achieved a win-win for all participating members of the new ecosystem.en_US
dc.subjectDisruptive Innovationen_US
dc.subjectTechnology Adoption Life Cycleen_US
dc.subjectValue Chain Evolutionen_US
dc.subjectCorporate Strategyen_US
dc.title破壞性創新個案研究 ---聯發科的中國山寨機藍海策略zh_TW
dc.titleA Case Study of Destructive Innovations – The Blue Ocean Strategy of MediaTek for the China Mobile Marketen_US
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