Title: 以粒子為基礎之沙雕與水的模擬
Particle-Based fluid Simulation for Sand Sculpture and Water
Authors: 滕薇鈞
Teng, Wei-Chun
Shih, Zen-Chung
Keywords: 沙雕;水;物理模擬;動畫;粒子;sand sculpture;water;physical simulation;animation;particles
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 在這篇論文裡,我們提出了一個有效率的演算法模擬沙雕和水之間的互動。近年來,流體模擬在電腦動畫和遊戲裡有舉足輕重的地位,然而沙雕和水的互動始終是個複雜的問題。 我們提供了一個以流體力學為基礎的方法,以粒子的觀點同時模擬沙子和水。由於沙子和水是由龐大數量的粒子所組成,本篇論文使用了適應取樣(Adaptive Sampling)演算法作為基礎做更有效率的模擬。除此之外,為了要模擬出水被沙子吸收的情況,在我們的系統裡面也考慮滲流(Porous Flow)的因素。如此一來,本篇論文可以完全結合沙子跟水的粒子。最後,本系統也會展示水和沙雕互動的效果。
In this thesis, we present an effective algorithm to simulate the interaction between sand sculptures and water. Recently, fluids simulation is an important topic in computer animation and games. However, the interaction between sand sculptures and water is still a complex problem. We propose a unified Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics framework for simulating both fluids and sand particles. Since the sand and water are sampled by a large number of particles, we use an adaptive sampling algorithm to simulate particles more effectively. Moreover, we also consider the water absorption of sand. We incorporate the porous flow simulation to our framework. As a result, we can combine sand and water completely. Our system will show how the water collapse sand sculptures during the simulation.
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