Title: 國家創新政策與績效之比較: 以台灣和新加坡為例
A Comparative Policy/ Performance Study of Taiwan and Singapore
Authors: 吳亦泰
Wu, Yi Tai
Lin, Tin Ru
Keywords: 國家創新政策;國家創新績效;台灣;新加坡;National Innovation Policy;National Innovation Performance;Taiwan;Singapore
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本論文探討國家創新政策與績效之間之互動關係,以台灣和新加坡為例,比較創新政策的發展演進和創新績效的差異,並找出兩者的互動關係,最後做出政策的建議與結論。
This research aims to find how Taiwan and Singapore, respectively, have developed their national innovation policies as a whole, from an evolutionary perspective. Then we also review how national innovation performance should be assessed through different measures. This section will also discuss why patenting, cluster strength, R&D engagement, economic performance, industrial growth, education expenditures and inward FDI should be chosen as measures. Then this research presents a comparative analysis of innovation performance between Taiwan and Singapore. Finally, we point out how innovation performance directs innovation policy as feedback. Final part is devoted to drawing conclusions, policy implications, and suggestions
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