Title: 微網誌經營模式之研究-以Twitter、Plurk及Facebook為例
The Business Models of Micro Blogs- Examples of Twitter, Plurk and Facebook
Authors: 朱勇叡
Chu, Yung-Jui
Yu, Hsiao-Cheng
Keywords: Web 2.0;經營模式;網路產業經營模式;微網誌;Web 2.0;business model;e-business model;micro blogs
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 在Web 2.0的時代下,網路產業經營模式受到其影響而變化甚大,企業需瞭解Web 2.0的特性,去建構一企業的經營模式,才會有較大的機會成功。本研究係探討微網誌網站經營模式,利用本研究所發展的經營模式三構面-收益模式構面、投資構面及關鍵成功要素構面,探討三間個案公司Twitter、Plurk及Facebook之經營模式。 結果發現,三間個案公司的收益構面除了Plurk尚未積極發展外,Twitter及Facebook已發展出多元的收益來源;投資構面在Twitter與Facebook擁有大量的流量吸引許多資金的投入外,也利用這些資金進行強化內部技術的購併案;關鍵成功要素在外部因素較為類似,主要影響因素為Web 2.0的發展及微網誌的特性等;內部因素則因成立時間、是否具有社群網路等因素而有其極大的差異。三間個案公司皆掌握Web 2.0特性,以使用者需求為核心,進而建構其之經營模式,雖然目前僅有Facebook現金流轉正外,微網誌的未來發展仍具有極大的潛力。
In the Web 2.0 era, e-business model change by the impact, companies need to understand the characteristics of Web 2.0 to build its own business model, which will lead to a greater chance of success. The study examines the business model of micro-blogs, using three dimensions, income dimension, investment dimension, and key success factors dimension to study the three cases, Twitter, Plurk and Facebook. The results showed the income dimension of Twitter and Facebook have developed multiple streams of income, but Plurk has not yet developed positively. With investment dimension, Twitter and Facebook not only have a lot of traffic to attract capital investment, but also used the funds to strengthen the internal technology in acquisition. In the key success factors dimension, the three companies are more similar in external factors such as the development, with the main effect factors being the development of Web 2.0 and the features of micro blogs. In the internal of key success factors dimension, the three companies have greater differences in the establishment time and whether if it has a social network feature. The three companies all rests features of Web 2.0, with user needs as the core, then build their own business model. Although only Facebook has positive cash flow, the future of micro blogs still has great potential.
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