Title: 可加註語言樹轉換法的分析:從記號階梯圖到記號圖
Analysis of XML Tree Transformation Method:from Marked Ladder Diagrams to Marked Graphs
Authors: 魏良縈
Wei, Liang-Ying
Liang, Gau-Rong
Keywords: 記號圖;記號階梯圖;裴氏圖加註語言;PLCopen可加註語言;可加註語言樹轉換法;Marked Graph;Marked Ladder Diagram;Petri Net Markup Language;PLCopenXML;XML Tree Transformation Method
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract:   裴氏圖是一套可以改善現場監控系統績效的卓越數學模型。相對地,較低成本的階梯圖卻成為最普遍的現場監控器。若可以將階梯圖自動轉換為裴氏圖,我們就可以容易地為現場監控器建立其數學模型。在本論文裡,用可加註語言樹為基礎的裴氏圖可加註語言文件與PLCopenXML文件來分別代表裴氏圖與階梯圖。接著發展出可加註語言樹轉換法將PLCopenXML文件轉換為裴氏圖可加註語言文件。由於轉換上的計算複雜度,本論文對階梯圖與裴氏圖加以限制。更精準地說,可加註語言樹轉換法只針對記號階梯圖與記號圖來實作。一些簡化的實作案例則驗證了本研究方向的可行性。
Petri Net is an excellent mathematical model for improving the performance of shop floor control system. In contrast, the most used controller on shop floor is ladder diagram because of its lower cost. If it is possible to transform ladder diagrams into Petri Nets automatically, then we can build their mathematical models for shop floor controllers easily. In this thesis, XML trees named PNML document and PLCopenXML document are used to represent Petri Nets and ladder diagrams, respectively. Then an XML tree transformation method has been developed for transforming a PLCopenXML document into a PNML document. Because of the computational complexity of the transformation, some limitations are applied to the Petri Nets and ladder diagrams. More precisely, only the XML tree transformation method for marked ladder diagrams and marked graphs has been implemented. The simplified implementation for some case study shows the feasibility of this research direction.
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