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dc.contributor.authorPan, Jo-Yuen_US
dc.contributor.authorDzeng, Ren-Jyeen_US
dc.description.abstract團隊激勵是指為提昇行動者對競爭白熱化的商戰環境之因應能力與強化行動者對工作的認同與企業的共識。透過行動指標的分析,找出績效無法突破的癥結所在,針對問題對症下藥,擬定具體可行的改善行動方案,促進個人與團隊績效的提昇。團隊激勵普遍應用在房屋銷售、工地施工、保險銷售、直銷等領域之團隊領導者,然而目前大多利多聯絡人或e-mail等非專屬軟體來協助,當其管轄多位行動者時,在缺乏對每位行動者客觀及精確之行動指標數據下,往往只能仰賴領導者的記憶及直覺判斷。 本研究藉由文獻分析法了解領導以及激勵語言對於績效而言的影響,然後再經訪談瞭解領導者與行動者間的互動、諮商、檢討,再加以分析進而規劃出符合需求的系統模式。因此,本研究利用ASP.NET建置評量與激勵系統,期望能廣泛應用於不同的領域,協助需同時管理多位行動者的領導者,與管理需透過策略指標努力的績效表現。研究所建立之系統藉由領導者的專家經驗,設定行動者為達成行動目標而需努力之項目為評量指標,以及設定評量指標之門檻值設定;系統再依行動者所填寫的評量指標值計算出相對應之積分,依據積分等級給予亮燈警示,且系統設置激勵語與建議模組,可協助領導者快速回覆行動者激勵語與建議。此外,系統可以經由學習機制為瞭解績效表現之結果與評量指標的關聯性,整理出績效表現與評量指標間的規則,並依規則調整行動者需努力的策略指標之門檻值與權重等,以達到最佳的績效管理。因此,本研究之評量與激勵系統可協助不同領域的領導者有系統的同時管理多位行動者,提高領導與管理之效益,亦可建立行動者對於組織的認同,提升行動者對於工作的熱忱以及自我信心與能力,並有助於提升團隊績效,進而達到團隊願景。zh_TW
dc.description.abstracteam motivation is used to enhance the adaptive ability of employees under a competitive environment, and reinforce the recognition of the mission and the organization. Through the analysis of the targeted value, researcher can find the reason of low performance, and then make an operable solution and improve either individual or team performance. Team motivation is widely used by the team leader of real estate, construction, insurance, direct marketing and other areas. However, most of the team leaders use other non-specified software such as the contactor or e-mail to coordinate the work. Because the lack of assess standard to each employee, team leaders have to use their intuition and judgment to make decisions.    Through document analysis, this research will discover how leadership and motive language will affect the performance. Then, researcher can find out the interactive between leaders and employees. With all the work above, researcher can develop a proper model. Therefore, this research will uses ASP.NET to develop a deployment assessment and incentive system that can be widely applied to different areas and help the leaders who managing several employees and the performance through strategic management. This research build up according to leader’s expertise, assess standard of operational objects and the indicator settings; the system will calculate the correlated points of index value according to the employees performance, and based on points given different warning. The system also set the encouraging words and advice module to help leaders give feedback to employees as soon as possible. In addition, the system can sort out the rules of performance and evaluation indexes through learning mechanisms to understand the performance and evaluate the relevance of indicators. Also the system will rearrange the actors’ work strategic indicator according to rules, weighted indicators and achieve the best performance. Therefore, the evaluation and incentive system of this research is not only to help leaders in different areas to manage several employees at the same time, improve leadership and management effectiveness, but also build up employees’ the recognition to the organization. The research also enhances employees’ passion, self-confidence, and develops their capability. It also helps to improve team performance and then achieves the target.en_US
dc.subjectteam performanceen_US
dc.titleA Performance Evaluation and Motivation System based on Action Goals and Strategic Indicatorsen_US
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