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dc.contributor.authorHsia, Yu-Linen_US
dc.contributor.authorCheng, Shy-Dongen_US
dc.description.abstract以彩色濾光片在產品線的評估設置角度而言,常常亦需搭配現今主流之市場TFT-LCD面板尺寸需求性以及廠區建置成本之資本資出預算,合併做出最適當之建廠或擴線考量規劃。若能利用現有機台達成產能擴充的目標,相較於新購置機台或是新增廠房,對於公司的整體經營成本,將更具競爭優勢。本研究即是進行縮短彩色濾光片OVEN固烤製程時間之先期性評估;其原理是利用彩色光阻高分子流變特性以補償因OVEN固烤製程時間縮短,所產生光阻Taper angle特性不佳之相關問題;同時並依據SEM(掃瞄式電子顯微鏡)所解析之結果,作為溫度補償實驗進行方向之實質明確依據。 而經由不同OVEN製程溫度補償的調整實驗得知:在縮短OVEN固烤製程時間後,而產生的光阻Taper angle特性不良變化,是可以利用再優化之固烤製程溫度提升搭配對應光阻本身之高分子流變原理,來成功達成實務上縮短固烤製程時間之具體應用實例。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe expansion of color filter production line frequently related to huge capital investment, therefore, a careful assessment of the situation on the demand on the variety of TFT-LCD displays; the setup cost as well as the factory district establishment is necessary. Normally, the most suitable plan will reveal the cost consideration on production line expansion or new factory construction. If the appraisal conclusions showed that the same achievement can be made by the efforts to upgrade or expand on the existing machines at less cost than to purchase the new equipments, the final decision for competitive advantage regarding the cost is apparent. This research is the study in upgrading the existing machines of the color filter production line by reducing the color filter oven process heating period to achieve a goal of increasing the productivity. It based on the rheology characteristics of photoresist polymer to study in reducing the Color Filter oven process heating period by the experiment of temperature compensation on the correct basis. From the SEM analysis results, the control of heating time and the compensation on the both "time and temperature" during the color filter over process can expect to obtain a solution that solves the quality issue of the photoresist taper angle. The performance of the "time and temperature" recipe is verified through the in-line process experiments, and the effectiveness is confirmed by FTIR analysis procedures. This "time and temperature" recipe is currently introduced in the color filter production process.en_US
dc.subjectColor Filteren_US
dc.subjectTemperature compensationen_US
dc.titleStudy in Reducing the Color Filter Oven Process Heating Period Based on the Rheology Characteristics of Photoresist Polymeren_US
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