Title: 從心知力均衡觀看公司併購-台灣LED公司案例研究
To analyze merger and acquisition of companies based on the equilibrium among mind, knowledge and resources -Taiwan LED Corporation cases
Authors: 張淑媚
Chang, Shu-Mei
Li, Han-Lin
Keywords: LED;心知力均衡觀;併購;LED;Mind-Knowledge-Power equilibrium view;Merger;Acquisition
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 台灣LED廠商最大的競爭優勢在於成本的控制能力。早期由於上游磊晶廠家多數相互競爭與殺價使獲利頻受壓縮,導致產業蕭條因而掀起購併的風潮。以往探討併購議題多以西方案例為主,本論文將引用「學易經助決策」一書做為併購決策的討論,以考量合併情境,使達到心、知、力三要素轉化的均衡。本研究,利用內外卦的「選、佈 、解、轉、定」五步驟,說明企業併購的情境,而且清楚提供了企業合併過程的情境說明,以提昇決策品質。
  Taiwan's LED industries have the greatest competitive advantage of lower cost control. Owing to the strong competition among wafer manufactures the profit of the related LED industries have been depressed thus caused the merger and acquisition. In the last decades, most of issues on the mergers and acquisition have been discussed via western cases. In this study, we use the book, “Learning the I-Ging help the decision making”, to analyze the merger and acquisition based on the equilibrium transformation among mind, recognition and resource. This study uses five steps “election (Gua), deploy (Gua), exposition (Gua), transfer (Gua) and define (Gua)” to analysis the merger and acquisition process utilizing inside and outside hexagrams.
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