Title: 砷化鎵晶圓接合的界面型態與電性探討
Interface Morphologies and Electrical Properties of Bonded GaAs Chips to GaAs Wafers
Authors: 鄭筑文
Cheng, Chu-Weng
Keywords: 砷化鎵;晶圓接合;GaAs;wafer bonding
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本論文研究之目的,在於對N 型砷化鎵晶圓對不同尺寸接合的界 面形態變化對電性的影響,隨著溫度上升電阻下降,順相介面比反相 介面電性優異,並且做了不同的退火時間來對照界面形態的變化,發 現在相同溫度下介面形態類似。對於原生氧化層的影響也做了研究和 探討,以及在各個不同的條件下,界面形態做了比較。主要目的在於 了解影響N 型砷化鎵晶圓接合的主要因素,並利用穿透式電子顯微鏡 技術來幫助我們對界面形態的進一步了解。
There are some researches about comparing n-GaAs wafers bonding for different contact area of wafers; therefore, this study is mainly about factors affect n-GaAs wafer bonding by observation on the morphology of bonding interface through the use of Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). The purpose of this study is to discuss: (1) the effect of morphology of bonding interface of n-GaAs wafer bonding on electrical properties ; (2) the relation between different annealing time and the morphology of bonding interface; (3) the effect of native oxide on electrical properties. Comparisons of the morphology of bonding interface under different conditions are also presented. By the way , bonding strength for wafer contact is better than chip contact. However, the resistance increased with temperature over 800 °C due to the reduction of EL2 concentration for wafer contact and chip contact . Chip contact make an asymmetric I-V Curve , which looks like a P-N junction.
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