Title: 綠色公用摺疊自行車系統設計與規劃
Design and Plan for Public Folding Bike System
Authors: 林士堯
Lin, Shih-Yao
Lin, Ming-Huang
Keywords: 工業設計;摺疊自行車;系統設計;大眾運輸系統;節能減碳;Industrial Design;Folding Bike;System Design;Public Transfer System;Conserve Energy and Reduce Carbon Emission
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 由於能源緊縮與環境污染的問題,全球暖化議題浮上檯面,讓人們不得不正視減碳節能,反思另一種環保有效率的短程交通模式。而靠人力所帶動的自行車,憑藉著零污染、低耗能並可強身健體的優勢;在高油價時代,自行車與大眾運輸工具的結合,成為一種新型態的綠色運輸模式。 現今國內自行車運動因環保、健康、觀光旅遊、親子同樂等正面印象,輔以政府大力推廣,使自行車騎乘風氣在台灣迅速提升,正吹起了樂活(LOHAS)的單車運動風,但主要還是集中在特定「休閒面向」的使用,許多人的自行車甚至只能算是假日時的運動休閒工具。以短程換乘或代步通勤層面來說,星期一至五的上下班時間,才是真正需落實自行車通勤觀念,有效節能減碳與舒緩交通擁塞的重點所在。 大台北地區是台灣大眾運輸系統最密集、可及性最高的區域,本研究透過觀察與分析台北地區民眾的通勤現況,配合與世界其他自行車通勤換乘體系規劃完善的城市作比較,找尋合乎地域與民族特性的設計切入點。台灣擁有自行車王國的美譽,各種類自行車生產技術皆已達世界水準,其中多樣化折疊機構、安全規格要求高的「折疊式自行車」種,最受台灣通勤族喜愛,更是自行車工業創新設計與精良造車工藝的極致展現;開合之間的空間魔術使其與環境有很自由的搭配方式,輪徑小能在少陡坡起伏、人較多的市郊自由穿梭,最重要的是可折疊的屬性,在短時間內即可完成折疊或是打開的動作,折疊完的自行車配合其他運輸工具有著極高的自由度。 由於人們對大眾運輸系統的依存度正逐步提高,具折疊功能的輕型載具,無論是在「有效整合與利用公共空間」,或是做為「隨身攜帶以轉乘不同交通載具的媒介」,目前皆具有優勢,故本研究選擇永續節能精神的公用折疊自行車系統為主軸進行分析研究與設計,配合前階段觀察與訪談結果交互運用作為之後的設計參考依據以「提升民眾利用自行車代步通勤意願」為主體架構下,運用適當的設計方法將需求具體化,並整合現有科技技術與台灣頂尖的自行車工業水平,作最佳的系統設計解答產出,吸引民眾投入參與,進而降低汽機車使用率與氣候暖化程度。最終人們以自行車通勤這件「對的事情」是能被放大與察覺,形成一股彼此認同的環境永續經營(Sustainable Operation)信念,感染身邊更多的人。
Because of the energy shortage, environmental pollution, and global warming, people have to conserve energy and reduce carbon emission immediately. Moreover, thinking a new transfer mode in short distance which based on eco-awareness and efficiency. Depending on zero pollution, low energy consumption, and healthy fitness, bicycling has become a new type of green mode combining with the public transfer system. Due to the positive impression people have on bicycling from environmental protection, health concerning, tourism to family gathering, and the government’s strong promotion, the number of people bicycling has been rapidly increasing in Taiwan. A new kind of lifestyle known as LOHAS prevails along with the increased population of bicyclists. However, most people still see bicycling as a recreation instead of a daily commute activity. To actually live up to the spirit of LOHAS, one should quit driving to work but start riding a bicycle or taking public transportation or walking .In that way, it may efficiently reduce the heavy traffic during rush hours from Monday to Friday while also improving the air quality. Metropolitan Rapid Transit (M.R.T) in Taiwan is highly concentrated and available in Taipei city. This research collects and analyzes the commute situation of people in Taipei city. Furthermore, to compare with other cities witch already have well-constructed bicycle commute system. Through this to find out the cut point corresponding with characteristics of Taiwan. Taiwan is the world’s best known country for bicycle design and manufacturing industry. Because of the outstanding production technology, Taiwan is called “The Bicycle Kingdom”. Folding bike is especially popular nowadays. Attracting by its advantage of space-saving and so many different types of folding mechanism, some commuters were already taken them as a tool for transfer public transportation system. The folding bike can highly match up with the public space due to the efficiency folding function, the smaller tires that can easy to cruise through the crowd, and easy to carry with. Also, folding bikes need higher industrial design and manufacture demand, and stricter safety standard. Under the structure of “consolidating people's willing to use bicycle for commuting,” the main idea of the research is to find a proper design method to solidify people's needs. In the meanwhile, this research intends to integrate further technology as well as Taiwanese topnotch bicycle industry, to come up with a systematic design for public rental folding bike , and hopefully to let people join it so the utility rate of private cars/scooters and the damage of global warming can be reductive. The ultimate goal is to make people take "using bicycles to commute" as a right thing, amplify it and infect others by forming the idea of sustainable operation.
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