Title: 一個與電壓控制震盪器整合的K頻帶互補式金氧半E類功率放大器
A K-Band CMOS Class E Power Amplifier Integrated with Voltage-Controlled Oscillator
Authors: 彭國權
Peng, Guo-Quan
Wu, Chung-Yu
Keywords: K頻帶;互補式金氧半;E類功率放大器;電壓控制震盪器;K-Band;CMOS;Class E Power Amplifier;Voltage-Controlled Oscillator
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 具有高操作頻率高傳輸速率的通訊系統已被視為次世代通訊系統的主軸。在最近幾年,K頻帶中,已有許多頻帶如24.05–24.25-GHz的ISM-band 及22–29 GHz被FCC釋出作為汽車雷達應用等用途。 此論文中介紹實現一個與電壓控制震盪器整合操作在K頻帶的互補式金氧半E類功率放大器。此電路包含了一個LC槽的電壓控制震盪器以及一個E類功率放大器等電路並且使用了0.13-um CMOS技術來設計並製造。藉由使用電壓控制震盪器與高功率效益E類功率放大器,使得在大訊號操作高輸出功率的傳送器電路上可以得到高功率效益的性能。 此電路包含了電壓控制震盪器以及E類功率放大器等電路,已被模擬、實現於1.05 mm2的晶片面積、以及量測。根據量測結果,此電路由於佈局時的錯誤、EM、寄生效應的考慮沒有詳盡,使得輸出功率減少12.56 dB。然而,從修改後的模擬結果與其它所發表電路比較可知,此電路操作在較低的供應電壓下,仍有較高的功率效益。因此,E類功率放大器電路非常適合用在高功率效益的應用,尤其是高整合度、低成本的CMOS製程。
In the next-generation wireless communication, high data rate transmission with a high operating frequency is expected to be realized. Over the past few years, the 24.05–24.25-GHz Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) band, 22–29 GHz band provided by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the operation of vehicular radar have been released. In this thesis, a K-band CMOS class E power amplifier integrated with voltage-controlled oscillator is presented. The proposed circuits which consist of a LC-tank voltage-controlled oscillator and a class E power amplifier are designed using 0.13-um CMOS technology. By adopting voltage-controlled oscillator and high efficiency class E power amplifier, the large-signal operated high output power transmitter circuit can be implemented with high efficiency performance. The proposed circuits, including a voltage-controlled oscillator and a class E power amplifier, are simulated, fabricated with a chip size of 1.05 mm2, and measured. Because of the layout mistake, and the effects such as EM, parasitic effect which are not carefully considered before fabrication, the measured output power decreases 12.56 dB. Comparing the results of the re-design circuits with other proposed circuits, however, the class E power amplifier can have better efficiency under lower supply voltage. Therefore, class E power amplifier is suitable for high efficiency application, especially for high-integrated low-cost CMOS technology.
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