Title: WIMAX系統下的擬真系統設計
Emulation System design with WIMAX System
Authors: 郭彥甫
Kuo, Yean-Fu
Kuo Chien-Nan
Huang Ching-Yao
Keywords: 擬真系統;系統設計;WIMAX;Emulation;Emulation System
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 多媒體應用的重要性日趨成長。而即時性傳輸也將成為次世代 行動通訊應用的主軸。在媒體傳輸控制層封包排程演算法設計的優劣 勢必會影響到系統的效能。因此演算法的分析與驗證是相當重要的。 先前在MAC 層機制驗證所使用的方法上,我們通常是透過編寫程式碼 的方法來實現。我們透過在程式上預存封包,接著將之做切割,由另 一函式來做收取與重組。這些工作在相同電腦的相同程式中完成。我 們經由電腦程式創造傳輸的環境,但是我們並未透過真實的環境進行 傳輸。透過數據資料我們也未必有辦法了解整個程式運作情形的好 壞。 本論文中,我們提供了一種新的方法來解決這樣的問題。我們 開發了一個稱為"MAC 擬真系統"的實驗平台,或MAC 模擬器,來作 為MAC 層的驗證系統。而我們透過此一系統,亦可將整個傳輸的過程 以及具象化,讓使用者更容易了解到整個流程。
The application of multimedia is more and more important today. Real time service will be the main scheme in the next generation mobile communication. The scheduling algorithm of the SDU will indeed affect the system performance a lot. So it is an important issue to verify if a scheduling algorithm works well with a system. But in previous work, verification of MAC mechanism is usually done in “artificial situation”. Data and video streaming are stored in the program, and then it is fragmented and then combined in that program. Environmental situations are also generated by program. Actually we don`t really transmit it. Everything may looks well but we still have no idea actually know it works. A new approach is proposed in this thesis to solve this problem. We design a platform called “MAC Emulation System” or simply “MAC Emulator” to do system verification. We can also visualize the whole picture by transmitting via physical medium. So the user of the platform may obtain better understanding.
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