Title: 基於使用者特性之鋰離子電池充電程序最佳化
Optimization of Charging Procedure by User Pattern for Li-Ion Battery
Authors: 陳明達
Keywords: 充電;Charge
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 近年來,由於電腦科技的持續演進,驅使相關產品的趨勢往輕、薄、短、小。其中無線網路的發展與網際網路結合下,相關可攜式的產品設計,如手機、相機、筆記型電腦等產品更為廣泛。電池則是提供這些可攜式電子產品所需的電力來源。其中鋰離子電池具有高電壓與高單位容量的特性逐漸成為電子產品之電池的主流。 本篇論文中探討鋰離子電池之電化學及充放電特性。
Since the evolution of computer industry is changing everyday in the recent years. Related products are tendency toward light, slim, short and small. Meanwhile the wireless network joins internet solution, it makes portable products, such as mobile phone, camera and notebook are more popular. No doubt that the role of battery is more important too. Moreover the characteristic of the Li-Ion battery of high operating voltage and power density lead it to be the mainstream in the electrical industrial field, especially in mobile devices application. Therefore, thesis is trying to clarify the characteristic of elect-chemistry of Li-Ion battery during charging and discharging cycle.
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