Title: 應用田口方法改善接觸式三次元測量儀量測品質
Application of Taguchi Methods to Improve the Performance
Authors: 林雲德
Yun-Te Lin
Chao-Ton Su
Ruey-Yun Horng
Keywords: 田口方法;動態特性法;三次元測量儀;座標測量儀;Taguchi Methods;Dynamic Methods;Coordinated Measuring Machine;CMM
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 21世紀,企業已邁入國際化、全球化的時代,要維持產品的競爭力,必須不斷的提升製造技術與產品品質。機械製造業在台灣產業中佔極重要之地位,例如:工具機之輸出排名世界前十大。然而,科技進展快速,各種工業產品的精度要求更大幅度提高,產品之精度要求已達到微米(um)及奈米(nm)的程度。為了測量這些高精密零件,相對地也發展出高精度的精密量具,用以測量精密加工的零件。因此產品品質的好壞,除取決於生產設備、原料、管理制度外,更要有好的量測設備且充分發揮其功能,才能精準的量測出正確形狀及尺寸,以提升及確保產品品質。因此,量測必須兼顧「準確、迅速、穩定、可靠」的目標。 本論文為運用田口方法探討參數水準之選擇,以改善接觸式三次元測量儀的量測品質。首先透過與專業量測技術工程師進行腦力激盪與要因分析,尋找出主要的影響因子,再利用田口的參數設計方法,進行實驗規劃、執行實驗、資料收集與分析,最後決定最佳且穩健之因子水準組合;接著再透過「確認實驗」,進行實驗結論之再現性確認。經由個案分析,本研究獲得了較佳之參數水準組合,成功有效提升三次元測量儀量測準確度,對提升產品量測品質助益匪淺。
In the 21st century, the companies have already marched toward the internationalization and globalization. In order to maintain the competitiveness of the products, the manufacturing technology and the quality of the product must be constantly upgraded. The mechanical manufacturing industry has very important status in the Taiwan;for example, the ranking for exporting the tool machines has listed top ten of the world. However, the technology progresses rapidly, the accuracy of the products has increased to micrometer and nanometer. Following on the high precision products, the more precision measuring instruments are developed to measure the products. In addition, the quality of products, beside the manufacturing equipments, materials, and management system, it more relies on the suitable measuring instruments to inspect the product’s feature. and dimension Therefore, the measurement shall be reaching the goal of accuracy, speed, stability and reliability. In this research, Taguchi’s dynamic method was applied to find the optimal condition to improve the measuring quality of the Coordinate Measuring Machine. Brainstorming with professional engineers to find out the main influenced factors, Taguchi parameter design approach was subsequently used to decide optimum and robust factor combination via conducting an experiment;, then we get the best and robust factor level combination through the confirmation experiments. Based on the case study, this research obtains a better the parameter level combination, and efficiently upgrades the accuracy of the CMM measurement.
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