Title: 主動式液晶透鏡應用於裸眼立體顯示器
Active-TFTs Liquid Crystal Lens for Multifunctional 3D Displays
Authors: 王柏皓
Wang, Po-Hao
Huang, Yi-Pai
Shieh, Han-Ping
Keywords: 立體顯示器;二維/三維切換;液晶透鏡;區域性二維/三維切換;3D display;2D/3D switchable;liquid crystal lens;2D/3D localized
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 為了得到更自然的立體影像,近年來已有許多專家及廠商投入立體顯示器的發展。大多數立體顯示器使用固定式的光學元件,但此種顯示器僅能提供3D影像,無法提供2D影像。因此,可切換2D、3D影像顯示器的發展便顯得重要。 本論文提出的主動式液晶透鏡(Active-TFTs Liquid Crystal Lens)可應用於2D、3D影像的切換,也可應用於3D旋轉式螢幕,又或者是區域性的2D、3D切換。此篇將藉由半導體特性形成的開關,以及高阻值材料層的液晶透鏡,來達到區域性的2D、3D切換。透過閘極與源極輸入電壓,便可決定哪一個透鏡的中央電極將被充電。關閉輸入電壓後,若與兩旁電極無壓差,則無透鏡效果,反之亦然。主動層以及液晶層的電性將會影響充放電的時間,其中又以漏電流最影響放電時間,進而影響液晶透鏡的持續時間。利用退火得到好的主動層電性,再利用儲存電容延長放電時間,如此一來便能達到區域性的2D、3D切換,使得未來立體顯示器功能上有更多發展的可能性。
Recently, many researchers invest in developing 3D display technology to produce much natural images from displays. Since most of display applications use the fixed optical components to display 3D images, the 2D images cannot be provided by the same displays. Thus, a 2D/3D switchable display is needed. In this thesis, we designed an Active-TFTs Liquid Crystal Lens for multifunctional 3D display such as, 2D/3D switchable、3D rotatable、2D/3D localized. For the on/off switch characteristics of semiconductor and high resistance liquid crystal lens, the 2D/3D localized LC lens could be obtained. By applying individual voltage on gate and source electrodes, the decided drain electrodes will be charged. Once turning off the applying voltage, if there is no potential difference between two electrodes, there won’t have lens effect, and vice versa. The electrical properties of LC layer and active layer will affect the charging and holding state. The annealing process and storage capacitor can enhance the lens holding time. This makes the Active-TFTs LC lens become more potential for applying in 3D display such as 2D/3D localized.
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