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dc.contributor.authorYa-Wen Hsuen_US
dc.contributor.authorGuang-Hwa Chenen_US
dc.description.abstract全球之化妝品產業在未來將持續地蓬勃發展,而在台灣,這種販售美麗與希望的產業更是競爭激烈。台灣化妝品市場由早期的幾家獨大,到現在各種品牌彼此間激烈地競爭,業者該如何從激烈的競爭中脫穎而出呢?在現今科技發達,化妝品專櫃眾多產品之產品功效相差不大且差異化亦相距不遠的狀況下,專櫃人員的服務品質表現勢必會因此影響到顧客的滿意度及忠誠度。 在過去的研究中眾多學者皆發現顧客忠誠度對於企業獲利的影響,即顧客忠誠度可以提升獲利,甚至是企業競爭優勢的主要來源,因此,本研究旨在探討化妝品專櫃的服務品質、顧客滿意度及顧客忠誠度間的關係。本研究從顧客的角度進行資料收集,並分析服務品質及顧客滿意度對顧客忠誠度是否有影響及影響的程度大小為何,以期提供給化妝品專櫃業者,日後企業策略運用上的參考。 從本研究之實證結果發現,服務品質之實體形象、可靠性、人員互動、問題解決、商店政策皆對顧客滿意度有顯著的正向影響,其中以人員互動影響最大;而顧客滿意度對顧客忠誠度之再購意願、向他人推薦公司或品牌的意願、價格容忍及交叉購買意願也皆有顯著正向影響。本研究更進一步分析服務品質對顧客忠誠度的直接影響,卻發現服務品質本身僅有部分的構面可以直接地影響到顧客忠誠度。此研究結果可提供給化妝品專櫃業者在服務品質改善上的參考及資源分配的先後順序。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe global cosmetic industry will still keep growing and become more competitive in the future especially In Taiwan. How do cosmetic companies survive in the highly competitive market? How do cosmetic companies become special and unique in consumers’ mind? Product differentiation is not as large as before due to mature development of technology. Therefore, the service quality of cosmetic counters’ salespeople may have important impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty gradually. From past studies, researchers discovered that customer loyalty could enhance the revenue of a company. Furthermore, customer loyalty is one of the main sources resulting in competitive advantage of a company. Therefore, this research tries to study relationships among service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty by collecting information from consumers and then analyzing the influence of service quality and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty in order to provide cosmetic companies with useful suggestions. From this study, we discover that five dimensions of service quality including physical aspect, reliability, personal interaction, problem solving and policy all have positive influence on customer satisfaction especially in the “personal interaction” dimension. Besides, customer satisfaction also has positive influence on customer loyalty. However, only a part of dimensions of service quality have direct impact on customer loyalty. The result of this study can give cosmetic companies direction about how to improve their service quality and how to allocate resources in an effective way.en_US
dc.subjectService Qualityen_US
dc.subjectCustomer Satisfactionen_US
dc.subjectCustomer Loyaltyen_US
dc.subjectCosmetic Counteren_US
dc.titleThe Study on Relationship among Service Quality Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty of Shishedo’s Cosmetic Counter-The Case of Female College Student in Taipei Cityen_US
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