Title: 溶膠凝膠金屬氧化物薄膜電晶體之研究
Investigation on Sol-Gel Derived Metal Oxide Semiconductor Thin Film Transistors
Authors: 郭豫杰
Yu-Chieh Kuo
Po-Tsun Liu
Keywords: 金屬氧化物;氧化鋅;溶膠凝膠;薄膜電晶體;metal oxide;zinc oxide;sol-gel;TFTs
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 透明電子元件是新一世代光電元件中重要的技術。Zinc oxide (ZnO),一種透明半導體材料,近年來廣泛被探討研究。它擁有大於可見光能量的能隙,在可見光區域幾乎透明;可以被製作在軟性基板上,並做成大面積且製作成本低廉。含摻雜物之氧化鋅材料,如二元的ZTO、IZO,三元的IGZO都有相關研究製作出特性良好的元件。 本論文中探討之鋯摻雜氧化鋅材料(ZrZnO)使用溶膠凝膠(sol-gel)的方式來製造,以醋酸鋅為主要材料,水當作水解劑,先合成熔膠;再將此溶膠加入異丙醇當中攪拌並升溫到60℃,溶膠中粒子鍵結成網狀的分子態稱為凝膠。 鋯摻雜氧化鋅(ZrZnO)薄膜旋塗沉積後(spin-coated),搭配不同的熱處理條件,並且藉由不同氣氛下的二次退火來改善薄膜的品質,藉此降低元件對光的反應,進而改善薄膜電晶體的特性。我們還將本論文中提出之方法運用至它種氧化物半導體亦得到明顯效果,將會做一系列討論。此外,元件操作於不同環境下的穩定性表現也是我們探討的重點,在照光環境、不同氧分壓環境、和閘極偏壓操作下探討元件表現。在本論文中,我們使用I-V量測裝置(4156)來探討鋯摻雜氧化鋅薄膜電晶體的電性趨勢。
Transparent oxide semiconductors are nowadays a crucial technology for the next generation of optoelectronic devices. Oxide-based semiconductors have recently been proposed as active channel. Zinc Oxide (ZnO), a transparent conducting material, has been studied in recent years. As a wide band gap semiconductor, it is transparent to visible wavelengths, and the ability to fabricate good quality films over large areas with low cost, and compatible with flexible substrates. Zr doped ZnO (ZrZnO) was sol-gel derived and thin film transistors (TFTs) were fabricated by spin-on deposition. The process of spin-on deposition provides a more efficient way for depositing devices and low cost. After spin-on deposition, we improve the ZrZnO TFT characteristics by post-annealing treatment under different ambience, and we also replace ZrZnO by other transparent metal oxide semiconductors to obtain better device performances. Besides, devices operation under various conditions is a crucial point of electrical stability. The electrical characteristics were measured by the I-V measurement system.
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