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dc.contributor.authorYu Shun Liaoen_US
dc.contributor.authorChristina F. Jouen_US
dc.description.abstract本論文討論的第ㄧ主題是壓控震盪器的分析和設計。在第一主題中:探討三種不同類型的壓控震盪器:基底回授與超低功率之變壓器型式壓控震盪器和低電壓多頻之帶壓控震盪器與其除頻器。為了達到高頻的操作,變壓器架構基底回授的方式,量測結果顯示:在供應電壓1.5V功率消耗6.2毫瓦的條件下,可調範圍8.14~8.61 GHz,相位雜訊為-113dBc/Hz@1MHz。採用汲極與源極端的回授,則可達到超低功率的應用,量測結果顯示出:可調範圍5.13- 5.42 GHz,相位雜訊為-114dBc/Hz@1MHz,而在0.5V供應電壓下,功率消耗僅0.57mW。另外,提出壓控震盪器適用於多頻帶正交分頻多工超寬頻的系統,其中壓控震盪器產生Band 6~9 的載波頻率,而除頻器產生 Band 1,2,並且由二對一多工器輸出選擇信號來自壓控震盪器或是除頻器,量測結果顯示出:可調範圍5.85- 7.93 GHz,相位雜訊為-116dBc/Hz@1MHz,總功率消耗共36.2mW。 第二主題為:介紹一個寬頻的低雜訊放大器,其輸入匹配利用電晶體雜散電容來達成,此方法可以使輸入匹配網路簡化,並且減少雜訊的貢獻。其模擬結果顯示3.1GHz~10.6GHz,其輸入返回損耗和輸出返回損耗皆在-10dB以下,增益為15dB,最小雜訊指數為4.2dB,電路功率消耗為19.8毫瓦。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThis thesis about part one discusses the design and analysis of voltage-controlled oscillator. In part one, we discuss three kinds of VCO:Back-gate feedback and ultra low power transformer based VCO and low voltage multi-band VCO with its divider. In order to achieve higher frequency operation, transformer is feedback to the back gate. The measured results reveal that the power consumption is 6.2mW for 1.5V supply voltage, the tuning rage is between 8.14~8.61 GHz, the phase noise is -113dBc/Hz@1MHz. Adopting transformer feedback from drain to source enables ultra-low power application. The measured results reveal that the tuning rage is between 5.13~5.42 GHz, the phase noise is -114dBc/Hz @1MHz, the power consumption is only 0.57mW under 0.5V supply voltage. Besides, for MB-OFDM UWB system, the VCO generates the carrier frequency for Band 6~9, the divider generate Band 1,2, and multiplexer select the signal from the VCO or Divider. The measured results reveal that the tuning rage is between 5.85~7.93 GHz, the phase noise is -113dBc/Hz @1MHz, the total power consumption is 36.2mW. The second part introduces an ultra-wide band low noise amplifier. It uses the intrinsic capacitance of transistors to achieve the input matching and the complicated input matching network is replaced. The simulation result of UWB LNA demonstrates S11 < -10dB and S22 < -10dB from 3.1 to 10.6 GHz. The power gain (S21) is 15dB. The minimum noise figure is 4.2dB.en_US
dc.subjectvoltage controlled oscillatoren_US
dc.subjectlow noise amplifieren_US
dc.subjecttransfoermer feedbacken_US
dc.titleDesign of Low Power Transformer Feedback and Low voltage Multi-Band VCO and Low Noise Amplifier for UWB Systemen_US
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