Title: A Wideband DVB Forked Shape Monopole Antenna With Coupling Effect for USB Dongle Application
Authors: Hsu, Cho-Kang
Chung, Shyh-Jong
Institute of Communications Engineering
Keywords: DTV;UHF antenna;USB dongle;wide band monopole antenna
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2010
Abstract: A novel wide-band printed antenna, named forked shape monopole antenna (FSMA), is proposed. The forked shape line structure is introduced to create a capacitive coupling effect to reduce the antenna size and enhance the impedance bandwidth. The proposed antenna is to be applied in a compact USB dongle. And it is designed for the reception of the digital video broadcasting (DVB) signal in the 470 similar to 860 MHz frequency band. In addition to the DVB application, the upper band limit of the FSMA even can be extended from 860 MHz to 1142 MHz, suitable for use in the Global System for Mobil Communication (GSM850/900). By employing the branched-line and forked shape configurations, an antenna with 86% impedance bandwidth (SWR < 2.5) is provided. A prototype of the FSMA was constructed and demonstrated. Measured and simulated results for the FSMA alone and with real application on a laptop computer are obtained.
URI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/TAP.2010.2052545
ISSN: 0018-926X
DOI: 10.1109/TAP.2010.2052545
Volume: 58
Issue: 9
Begin Page: 3029
End Page: 3036
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