標題: Study of Ti/W/Cu, Ti/Co/Cu, and Ti/Mo/Cu multilayer structures as Schottky metals for GaAs diodes
作者: Chang, HC
Lee, CS
Chen, SH
Chang, EY
He, J
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
D Link NCTU Joint Res Ctr
關鍵字: Schottky;diffusion barrier;GaAs
公開日期: 1-Jul-2004
摘要: Schottky structures with copper and refractory metals as diffusion barrier for GaAs Schottky diodes were evaluated. These structures have lower series resistances than the conventionally used Ti/Pt/Au structure. Based on the electrical and material characteristics, the Ti/W/Cu and Ti/Mo/Cu Schottky structures are thermally stable up to 400degreesC; the Ti/Co/Cu Schottky structure is thermally stable up to 300degreesC. Overall, the copper-metallized Schottky structures have excellent electrical characteristics and thermal stability, and can be used as the Schottky metals for GaAs devices.
URI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11664-004-0251-2
ISSN: 0361-5235
DOI: 10.1007/s11664-004-0251-2
Volume: 33
Issue: 7
起始頁: L15
結束頁: L17
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