Title: Fur regulation of the capsular polysaccharide biosynthesis and iron-acquisition systems in Klebsiella pneumoniae CG43
Authors: Lin, Ching-Ting
Wu, Chien-Chen
Chen, Yu-Sheng
Lai, Yi-Chyi
Chi, Chia
Lin, Jing-Ciao
Chen, Yeh
Peng, Hwei-Ling
Department of Biological Science and Technology
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2011
Abstract: The ferric uptake regulator Fur has been reported to repress the expression of rmpA, a regulatory gene for the mucoid phenotype, leading to decreased capsular polysaccharide (CPS) biosynthesis in Klebsiella pneumoniae CG43. Here, quantitative real-time FOR (qRT-PCR) analyses and electrophoretic mobility shift assays showed that Fur also repressed the expression of the CPS regulatory genes rmpA2 and rcsA. Interestingly, deletion of rmpA or rcsA but not rmpA2 from the Delta fur strain was able to suppress the deletion effect of Fur. The availability of extracellular iron affected the amount of CPS, suggesting that Fur regulates CPS biosynthesis in an Fe(II)-dependent manner. Increased production of siderophores was observed in the Delta fur strain, suggesting that uptake of extracellular iron in K. pneumoniae is regulated by Fur. Fur titration assays and qRT-PCR analyses demonstrated that at least six of the eight putative iron-acquisition systems, identified by a BLAST search in the contig database of K. pneumoniae CG43, were directly repressed by Fur. We conclude that Fur has a dual role in the regulation of CPS biosynthesis and iron acquisition in K. pneumoniae.
URI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1099/mic.0.044065-0
ISSN: 1350-0872
DOI: 10.1099/mic.0.044065-0
Volume: 157
Begin Page: 419
End Page: 429
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