Title: Anion-terminated zinc-blende CdS(100) surface
Authors: Lin, CM
Tsai, MH
Yang, TJ
Chuu, DS
Department of Electrophysics
Issue Date: 15-Oct-1997
Abstract: Using the local-orbital density-functional molecular-dynamics method, we have studied the surface structure of the strain-stabilized zinc-blende monolayer anion-terrainated CdS(100) surface. By analogy with the GaAs(100) surface, we have considered four structural models and found that the structure with a (2 x 4) unit cell, in which there are a two-dimer unit and a two-shifted-dimer unit, is the most favorable. These results can be understood in terms of physical properties associated with ionicity.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/250
ISSN: 1098-0121
Volume: 56
Issue: 15
Begin Page: 9209
End Page: 9212
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