Title: Field Emission and Superhydrophobic Properties of Electrochemically Grown Gold Nanourchins
Authors: Huang, Ting-Kai
Huang, Hsin-Wei
Lee, Chi-Young
Chiu, Hsin-Tien
Department of Applied Chemistry
Keywords: Gold;Nanourchin;Galvanic reduction;Electron field emission;Superhydrophobicity
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2012
Abstract: "We demonstrate a convenient fabrication of Au nanourchins (NUs) on Si substrates via a surfactant-assisted galvanic reduction process. This synthetic method not only grows Au NUs on Si in a one-step process but also effectively controls the lengths of the branches on the NUs. The widths are about 100-120 nm and the lengths can be extended from 200 nm to 5 mu m by lengthening the growth time. With the advantage of a hierarchical surface structure, Au NUs exhibited excellent electron field emission (FE) performance (turn-on voltage, 6.3 V/mu m; beta, 1150). In addition, the wetting behavior examination shows that the water contact angle can be as high as 158 degrees on Au NUs after the material is treated by 1-hexadecanethiol."
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/16743
ISSN: 0009-4536
Volume: 59
Issue: 8
End Page: 983
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