Title: Trace Aloha for Random Multiple Access in Wireless MIMO Networks
Authors: Gau, Rung-Hung
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Keywords: Medium access control;wireless networks;MIMO;random multiple access
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2012
Abstract: In this paper, we propose and evaluate the Trace Aloha protocol for distributed medium access control in wireless MIMO networks. We study the case in which a node only knows the MIMO channel matrix from the node to the access point and the total number of nodes in the network. Given a MIMO channel matrix, a node could calculate the corresponding singular values. According to the Trace Aloha protocol, a node transmits data if and only if the sum of the squared singular values exceeds a predetermined threshold. We use both analytical results and simulation results to justify the usage of the proposed protocol.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/16509
ISSN: 1089-7798
Volume: 16
Issue: 6
End Page: 882
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