Title: UV-Visible Light-Trapping Structure of Loosely Packed Submicrometer Silica Sphere for Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells
Authors: Huang, Wen-Hsien
Shieh, Jia-Min
Pan, Fu-Ming
Shen, Chang-Hong
Lien, Yu-Chung
Tsai, Min-An
Kuo, Hao-Chung
Dai, Bau-Tong
Yang, Fu-Liang
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Department of Photonics
Keywords: Omnidirectional reflector;photoresponse;silica sphere;UV-visible
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2012
Abstract: We synthesized a loosely packed submicrometer silica-sphere (LPSS) monolayer at room temperature and used the LPSS monolayer as the frontside light-trapping structure for n-i-p-type amorphous Si (a-Si) solar cells (SCs) to improve photovoltaic characteristics of the cells. The frontside LPSS monolayer plays a role as a UV-visible light scatter and a broadband antireflector; both can greatly improve the photoresponse of the underneath a-Si adsorbed layer. When the filling density of the LPSS layer is optimized to 65%, the enhancement in the photocurrent and conversion efficiency of the 120 degrees C-fabricated SCs is as high as similar to 15% and similar to 6.9%, respectively. Accordingly, such an LPSS light-trapping structure boosts efficiency of 120 degrees C- and 140 degrees C-fabricated cells to 7.3% and 8.5%, respectively. Since the LPSS structure has a graded refractive index profile, it behaves like a nearly omnidirectional antireflector, enhancing solar efficiency at a very large incident angle of illumination.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/16444
ISSN: 0741-3106
Volume: 33
Issue: 7
End Page: 1036
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