Title: Kinetic study of the intermetallic compound formation between eutectic Sn-3.5Ag alloys and electroplated Ni metallization in flip-chip solder joints
Authors: Chen, Hsiao-Yun
Chen, Chih
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2012
Abstract: Ni-based under-bump metallization (UBM) has attracted wide attention due to its low reaction rate with Sn, compared with Cu and Cu alloy. In this study, the interfacial reactions between eutectic Sn-3.5Ag solder and Ni-based UBM, including electroplated Ni (EP-Ni) and electroless Ni (EL-Ni) are investigated. Morphology and growth kinetics of Ni3Sn4 intermetallic compounds are studied at different reflow temperatures and durations. The growth rate and the growth activation energy of Ni3Sn4 were measured for the two sets of samples. The activation energies are measured to be 25 kJ/mol and 38 kJ/mol for the Ni3Sn4 growth on EP-Ni and EL-Ni, respectively. The Ni3Sn4 on EP-Ni UBMs shows a slower growth rate and the Ni3Sn4/solder interface is void free even after 20-min reflow at 240 degrees C. On the other hand, the interface of Ni3Sn4/EL-Ni has a lot of microvoids after reflowing at 240 degrees C for 20 min.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/16361
ISSN: 0884-2914
Volume: 27
Issue: 8
End Page: 1169
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