Title: Fast programming metal-gate Si quantum dot nonvolatile memory using green nanosecond laser spike annealing
Authors: Lien, Yu-Chung
Shieh, Jia-Min
Huang, Wen-Hsien
Tu, Cheng-Hui
Wang, Chieh
Shen, Chang-Hong
Dai, Bau-Tong
Pan, Ci-Ling
Hu, Chenming
Yang, Fu-Liang
Department of Photonics
Issue Date: 2-Apr-2012
Abstract: The ultrafast metal-gate silicon quantum-dot (Si-QD) nonvolatile memory (NVM) with program/erase speed of 1 mu s under low operating voltages of +/-7V is achieved by thin tunneling oxide, in situ Si-QD-embedded dielectrics, and metal gate. Selective source/drain activation by green nanosecond laser spike annealing, due to metal-gate as light-blocking layer, responds to low thermal damage on gate structures and, therefore, suppresses re-crystallization/deformation/diffusion of embedded Si-QDs. Accordingly, it greatly sustains efficient charge trapping/de-trapping in numerous deep charge-trapping sites in discrete Si-QDs. Such a gate nanostructure also ensures excellent endurance and retention in the microsecond-operation Si-QD NVM. (C) 2012 American Institute of Physics. [http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.3700729]
URI: http://dx.doi.org/143501
ISSN: 0003-6951
DOI: 143501
Volume: 100
Issue: 14
End Page: 
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