Title: V-t Retention Distribution Tail in a Multitime-Program MLC SONOS Memory Due to a Random-Program-Charge-Induced Current-Path Percolation Effect
Authors: Chung, Yueh-Ting
Huang, Tzu-I
Li, Chi-Wei
Chou, You-Liang
Chiu, Jung-Piao
Wang, Tahui
Lee, M. Y.
Chen, Kuang-Chao
Lu, Chih-Yuan
Department of Electronics Engineering and Institute of Electronics
Keywords: Model;percolation;silicon-oxide-nitride-oxide-silicon (SONOS);V-t retention distribution
Issue Date: 1-May-2012
Abstract: A V-t retention distribution tail in a multitime-program (MTP) silicon-oxide-nitride-oxide-silicon (SONOS) memory is investigated. We characterize a single-program-charge-loss-induced Delta V-t in NOR-type SONOS multilevel cells (MLCs). Our measurement shows the following: 1) A single-charge-lossinduced Delta V-t exhibits an exponential distribution in magnitudes, which is attributed to a random-program-charge-induced current-path percolation effect, and 2) the standard deviation of the exponential distribution depends on the program-charge density and increases with a program V-t level in an MLC SONOS. In addition, we measure a V-t retention distribution in a 512-Mb MTP SONOS memory and observe a significant V-t retention tail. A numerical V-t retention distribution model including the percolation effect and a Poisson-distribution-based multiple-charge-loss model is developed. Our model agrees with the measured V-t retention distribution in a 512-Mb SONOS well. The observed V-t tail is realized mainly due to the percolation effect.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/16000
ISSN: 0018-9383
Volume: 59
Issue: 5
End Page: 1371
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